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What to Do in Indonesia

For the adventurous, Indonesia will not fail to impress with its rugged mountains, active volcanoes, epic forests and the extensive marine life. It is a veritable playground crammed with excitement, intriguing sights and hair-raising adventures.

By foot, bike or car, the vast terrain is a pleasure to explore. Each province offers a different perspective while colourful villagers still practice the ancient traditions of weaving, pottery and much more.

The virginal white-sand beaches are fringed by glistening azure seas and water-related fun is never far away. Aside from the breathtaking scenery, snorkeling, boat trips and surfing are magnetic pulls for Indonesia’s returning visitors.

Jakarta Activities

There is no shortage of fun-filled activities to awaken your senses and spend your time when in Jakarta, regardless of age or gender. The beauty of this city is that it offers the best of both worlds. Read More...


Various activities provide Bali visitors a memorable stay, be it on the beach and in the water, or up in the hills and valleys. You can choose from the adrenaline-pumping hard, to the slow and soft adventures. Read More...

Lombok Island Activities

Lombok continues to attract the adventurous. Exploration is at the core of the island experience here, and the landscape is one of epic and untouched beauty. Read More...

Bintan Island Activities

Despite being a small, peaceful island, there is a surprising amount of activities one can indulge in on Bintan Island. Surrounded by crystal-clear azure waters filled with all sorts of underwater wonders. Read More...

Batam Island Activities

Batam is an ideal leisure destination. This laid-back island offers urban tourists an opportunity to enjoy a holiday at a slower pace, though adventurous sports and fun activities are easily found. Read More...

Yogyakarta Activities

There are numerous things to do in Yogyakarta, but experiencing a Javanese dry massage should be high on anyone’s itinerary. The famous Javanese treatments offer unique pampering. Read More...


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