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B'leaf Cafe

B'Leaf Cafe of Banana Inn Hotel Bandung & Spa is the perfect place for you to dismantle all of your fatigue and stresses outside the door before coming in, since only fun and excitement is allowed here in this entertaining establishment. Located inside one of the finest Bandung Hotel in the city, B'Leaf Cafe is the flawless solution for those seeking for a great escaping place from the boredom of everyday routines.

Offering not only great food and great beverages, B'Leaf Cafe also offers a unique atmosphere and ambience that encourages people to relax and unwind without even dropping a thought about the harshness of everyday life. It is just one of those very special Bandung Cafe where simply just being here makes you happy-truly the perfect venue for you to hang out with your friends, loved ones, colleagues, or even if you just want to hang out with the comfy atmosphere.

Robusta Lounge

Hotel lounge has long been thought as just a temporary stopping place taken by guests when they want to their room or when they want to start a trip outside. While this may not necessarily wrong in itself, Robustra Lounge of Banana Inn Hotel Bandung & Spa is more than just a temporary stopping place-it is a fine resting spot where everyone can enjoy a good coffee while sitting comfortably on a comfy chair enjoying a relaxing atmosphere all around.

Be careful in just relaxing around in Robustra Lounge, however. As stated by the famous Relativity Theory, time passes so ridiculously fast when you are doing something incredibly fun and as such, time may pass quickly while you're relaxing in the Robustra Lounge, where the combination of relaxing and fun gave birth to the ultimate spot of relaxing time-killing activities.

Paprika Bar & Grill

Because Bandung itself is the center of culinary delights, it is perhaps no wonder then that there are simply too many Bandung Restaurants from which you can choose to become the place for you and your friends to hangout and have some fun. Make no mistake however, that even amongst the numerous choices available in the city, the best of Bandung Restaurants above all is still Paprika Bar & Grill in Banana Inn Hotel Bandung.

Because at what other Bandung Restaurants you can commit a unique barbeque in hotel experience? What other Bandung Restaurants is a place with a cool open-air concept where you can have a Bandung Barbeque with all of your friends or colleagues or loved ones? Paprika Bar & Grill is simply just a unique experience that any food lovers are obliged to try if they want to feel something that is so refreshingly new.

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