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Where to Eat in Batam Island

For such a small island, the dining options on Batam are amazingly varied. There’s fine dining, seafood, fast food, local specialties, even vegetarian restaurants – you name it, Batam has got it. Most restaurants, especially international ones, are concentrated in its main town, Nagoya.

Surrounded by tropical waters rich in all types of marine species, seafood remains one of Batam Island’s main offerings, with the unique gong gong sea snails being one of its main specialties. If you want to get a true taste of Batam, head for the outdoor food courts; they offer a huge selection of local delicacies at amazingly low prices.

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Food Courts

Batam has quite a few food courts, most of which are only open at night. Colourful and flavourful, they are the perfect places to sample Batam’s true culinary culture, offering all kinds of gastronomic delights from seafood and local specialties to Chinese and Western fare. The city with the highest concentration of food courts is Nagoya, with the biggest food court being Nagoya Food Court.

Located just behind the Centre Point shopping mall, Nagoya Food Court is able to seat up to 400 persons at one time. This hugely popular, open-air food outlet is usually packed at night, and has its own performance stage. Other popular ones include Windsor Food Court and Pujasera A1 Food Court.

Nagoya Food Court
Location: Behind Centre Point shopping mall & Farmosa Hotel, near Jalan Imam Bonjoi.

Pujasera A1 Food Court
Address: Complex Bukit Mas, Batu Selicin, Nagoya, Batam (behind Lucky Plaza Mall)
Tel: (62) 778 426853

Windsor Food Court
Address: Ruko Complex, Windsor Central, Lubuk Baja, Nagoya, Batam

Mira Baru Food Court
Address: Jalan Imam Bonjol, Nagoya, Batam
Tel: (62) 778 425907

Sindo Happy Food Court
Address: Complex Windsor, Nagoya, Batam
Tel: (62) 778 424146

Local Specialties

Padang-style restaurants are common throughout Batam Island. An array of local dishes is laid on a table buffet-style – curries, soups, stir-fries, vegetables, meats and fried foodstuff – to be eaten with a plate of steamed rice.

Diners are free to choose what they want and only pay for what they take – a kind of culinary ‘pick and mix’. ‘Ayam penyet’ is another popular local delicacy. Literally meaning ‘flattened (or squashed) chicken’, ‘ayam penyet’ is chicken coated with a mixture of turmeric and spices, and fried until crisp and golden brown.

This dish can be found at almost every local eatery, including roadside stalls, and is usually served together with rice, vegetables and sambal. Other popular local offerings include ‘sup buntut’ (oxtail soup), and Chinese Kai Lan (stir-fried Chinese broccoli).

Ayam Penyet Ria
Address: Complex Nagoya City Centre, BI D/I, Nagoya, Batam
Tel: (62) 778 423213

Indonesia Delights
Address: Jalan R.E. Martadinata, Sekupang, Batam
Tel: (62) 788 321276

Padang Café & Restaurant
Address: Complex Winsor Centre Block B Num.1, Batam
Tel: (62) 778 426002

Pondok Kelapa Restaurant
Address: Jalan Teuku Umar, Complex Regency Park Pelita, Batam
Tel: (62) 778 427794

Resto Kediri
Address: Jalan Engku Putri, Batam Center, Batam
Tel: (62) 778 465777

Other Cuisine

However, dining out on Batam Island is more than just fresh seafood, Padang restaurants and food courts. Aside from all the usual, the island also has a pretty good selection of international options, including fine dining. Lucy’s Oar House serves fantastic English pub grub such as bangers and mash, fish and chips, and steak sandwiches.

There are also vegetarian options, such as Moon Vegetarian Restaurant and Rumah Makan Vegetarian. For a first-class dining experience, head for world-class restaurants such as The Bistro Continental Restaurant and The Red Cock Restaurant. For those who love their sushi and sashimi, there are plenty of Japanese restaurants around town, too.

Lucy’s Oarhouse & Tavern
Address: Complex Batam Plaza, Block D Num. 11 - 12, Batam
Tel: (62) 778 425642

The Bistro Continental Restaurant
Address: Complex New Holiday, Block B No 3-4, Nagoya, Batam
Tel: (62) 778 453904

The Red Cock Restaurant
Address: Complex Batam Plaza, Block A Num. 6 - 7, Batam
Tel: (62) 778 454850

Moon Vegetarian Restaurant
Address: Complex Bumi Indah, Block 3. No. 22, Nagoya, Batam
Tel: (62) 08526 4234230

Rumah Makan Vegetarian
Address: Complex Bumi Indah, Block 3, No. 19, Nagoya, Batam
Tel: (62) 778 456668


One of the things that Batam Island is most famous for is its seafood. Cheap and plentiful, you can find seafood at every corner - sold at stalls, by street vendors and in restaurants - offering variety and value for money. Fresh and free from preservatives, this island has been considered by some as the ultimate seafood haven.

The most popular seafood offerings here include chilli crabs, king prawns and the unique gong gong sea snails, which can only be found in the waters of Batam and the neighbouring Bintan. Best eaten steamed to succulent perfection, the meat is fished out from the shell using a toothpick and dipped in ‘sambal’ (locally-made chilli sauce) first before eating. It’s hard to recommend just a few good places for seafood because there are so many available and they’re all just as good – but you can be sure that wherever you go, you will find nothing but delicious, fresh seafood at extremely agreeable prices.

Ching Huat Fishery
Address: Complex Penuin Centre F/7, Batam
Tel: (62) 778 423267

Golden Prawn Seafood Restaurant
Address: Jalan Bengkong Laut, Batam
Tel: (62) 778 411142/38

Rezeki Seafood
Address: Batu Besar, Nongsa, Batam
Tel: (62) 778 761180

Pujasera A1
Address: Complex Bukit Mas, Batu Selicin, Nagoya, Batam (behind Lucky Plaza Mall)
Tel: (62) 778 426853

Rumah Makan Istimewa
Address: Complex Nagoya City Centre, Blok E/ 8-9, Lubuk Baja, Nagoya, Batam
Tel: (62) 778 421264

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