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What to Eat and Where to Eat in Indonesia

As with most Asian fare, having a good meal out doesn’t necessarily mean emptying out your wallet or purse. Visitors can consume three meals a day and still pay less than what they would do at home for one. Indonesian cuisine for the most part reflects the mixed population scattered throughout its 6,000 inhabited islands. Having always been involved in world trade due to the country's abundant natural resources, foreign accents are apparent within Indonesia's food.

Popular dishes include satay, beef rendang, tempeh – soybeans in a cake form and endless variations of curries – all accompanied by rice. Many Indonesians still eat with their hands, for this reason food is often served accompanied by a bowl of warm water. Be sure to try tumpeng, the quintessential Indonesian feast, comprised of an assortment of Indonesian dishes fringing a cone of rice – the cone symbolic of a holy mountain.

Jakarta Restaurants

Jakarta’s eateries are as diverse as the many cultures and nationalities living in the sprawling metropolis. As with any major Asian city, the food and dining options go right across the board. Read More...

Restaurants and Dining

Bali offers a culinary adventure for every palate. Main areas are chock-full of eateries serving all kinds of cuisine. Fine Western, Asian and 'fusion' cuisine restaurants can be found beside traditional warung stalls.  Read More...

Lombok Island Restaurants

For those who prefer fine-dining options and a good variety of choice on the menu, for the most part Lombok's hotels still provide the safest bet when it comes to getting a quality meal. Read More...

Bintan Island Restaurants

When it comes to food, Bintan Island has a stupendous variety of dishes. So no need to worry as there are plenty of restaurants that serve more familiar international favourites. Read More...

Batam Island Restaurants

For such a small island, dining options on Batam are amazingly varied. Fine dining, seafood, fast food, local specialties, even vegetarian restaurants – you name it, Batam serves it. Read More...

Yogyakarta Restaurants

Yogyakarta cuisine is known for its sweetness. Today, as more people move to Yogyakarta, the city is filled with a greater variety of flavours and is packed with many trendy cafés and restaurants. Read More...

Indonesia Most Famous Dishes - What to Eat

Lovers of good food will never feel out of place in Indonesia. There are plenty of international dining options available here, from fine dining to fast food, particularly in larger cities like Jakarta and Yogyakarta, and those who have visited this country often insist that the Indonesian culinary experience is something you shouldn’t miss. Read More...


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