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With nearly 200 hotels, resorts, serviced apartments and guesthouses to choose from, finding where to stay in Indonesia is not a problem. They are all listed here in alphabetically order. So, if you already know the name of the hotel, simply browse through the following list and find your hotel among the rest. Along with the hotel’s name, you will find the star rating (self-rated), location and starting price. To book, click on the name and it will take you to the hotel’s page where you can book your room online.

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  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  100 Sunset 2 Hotel   Bali 24.29 USD
  100 Sunset Boutique Hotel   Bali 29.80 USD
  18 Suite - Villa Loft at Kuta   Bali 89.49 USD
  3 Princess Boutique Hotel & Spa   Bali 49 USD
  7 Bidadari Seminyak   Bali 20.31 USD
  7SEAS Cottages   Lombok 2692 USD
  89 Hotel   Batam Island 63.47 USD

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  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Abalihouse   Bali 18 USD
  Abi Bali Resort & Villa   Bali 50.77 USD
  Abian Biu Mansion formerly Abian Biu Residence   Bali 23.04 USD
  Abian Boga Guesthouse and Restaurant   Bali 14.60 USD
  Abian Kokoro   Bali 16.18 USD
  Abian Residence   Bali  
  Adhi Jaya Hotel   Bali 39.45 USD
  Adhi Jaya Sunset Hotel   Bali 20.67 USD
  Adi Assri Beach Resort   Bali 41.56 USD
  Adi Bungalow   Bali 50 USD
  Adi Cottages   Bali 19.04 USD
  Adi Dharma Cottages   Bali 39.29 USD
  Adi Dharma Hotel   Bali 33.83 USD
  Adirama Beach Hotel & Restaurant   Bali 28.80 USD
  Adma Umalas   Bali 33.01 USD
  Adus Beach Inn   Bali 17 USD
  Agung Raka Resort & Villa   Bali 38.02 USD
  Ahimsa Beach   Bali 211.42 USD
  Ajanta Villas   Bali 140.13 USD
  Akara at Divine Villas   Bali 240.42 USD
  Akmani Hotel   Jakarta 62.97 USD
  Akmani Legian   Bali 36.35 USD
  Aksata Villas Canggu   Bali 145.98 USD
  Alam Asmara   Bali 56.64 USD
  Alam Bidadari Seminyak   Bali 75.57 USD
  Alam Jogja Resort   Yogyakarta 21 USD
  Alam Puisi Villa   Bali 60.29 USD
  Alam Puri Art Museum - Resort & Spa   Bali 28.34 USD
  Alam Ubud Culture Villa and Residence   Bali 102.81 USD
  Alam Warna Villas   Bali 141.91 USD
  AlamKulKul Boutique Resort   Bali 63.72 USD
  Alaya Resort Kuta   Bali 95 USD
  Alaya Resort Ubud   Bali 111.06 USD
  Aleesha Villas   Bali 120 USD
  Alila Jakarta   Jakarta 54.83 USD
  Alila Manggis   Bali 134.70 USD
  Alila Ubud   Bali 165.17 USD
  Alila Villas Soori   Bali 435.46 USD
  Alila Villas Uluwatu   Bali 887.02 USD
  Alindra Villa   Bali 52.80 USD
  Aliya Boutique Homestay & Kitchen   Bali 47.42 USD
  ALKE Villas Spa & Restaurant   Bali 145 USD
  All Inclusive - Grand Mirage Resort Bali   Bali 224 USD
  All Inclusive - Samabe Bali Suites & Villas   Bali 335.02 USD
  All Seasons Denpasar   Bali 24 USD
  All Seasons Jakarta Gajah Mada   Jakarta 35.23 USD
  All Seasons Jakarta Thamrin   Jakarta 49.07 USD
  All Seasons Resort Legian Bali   Bali 32.90 USD
  Alron Hotel   Bali 15.77 USD
  Amadea Resort & Villas Seminyak Bali   Bali 70.63 USD
  Amalia Guesthouse   Java 26 USD
  Aman Sari Villa   Bali 50 USD
  Amana Villas   Bali 185.54 USD
  Amaris Hotel Dewi Sri - Bali   Bali 20.31 USD
  Amaris Hotel Legian   Bali 21.58 USD
  Amaris Hotel Sunset Road   Bali 20.31 USD
  Amaroossa Hotel Bandung   Java 44.02 USD
  Amaroossa Suite Bali   Bali 64.58 USD
  Amarterra Villas Bali Nusa Dua - MGallery Collection   Bali 320.61 USD
  Amazing Kuta Hotel   Bali 43 USD
  Amazing Pandawas Villas   Bali 259.56 USD
  Amed Beach Resort   Bali 39.46 USD
  Ametis Villa   Bali 313.21 USD
  Amor Bali Villa   Bali 126.93 USD
  Amore Villas   Bali 124 USD
  Amori Villa   Bali 181 USD
  Amos Cozy Hotel & Convention Hall   Jakarta 0.00 USD
  Ananda Cottages   Bali 64.58 USD
  Ananta Legian Hotel   Bali 49.82 USD
  Anantara Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa   Bali 269.39 USD
  Anantara Seminyak Resort Bali   Bali 359.96 USD
  Anemalou Villas & Spa   Bali 108.40 USD
  Angsana Resort & Spa Bintan   Bintan Island 132.43 USD
  Anika Guest House   Bali 22.21 USD
  Anini Raka Resort and Spa   Bali 37.99 USD
  Annora Bali Villas   Bali 78 USD
  Anom Beach Hotel   Bali 22 USD
  Antoni Hotel   Jakarta 19 USD
  Anulekha Resort and Villa   Bali 58.31 USD
  Anyer Cottage Beach Hotel Resort   Java 50 USD
  AP Suites & Apartments   Bali 38.08 USD
  AQ-VA Hotel & Villas   Bali 47.60 USD
  Aqua Bali Villa   Bali 23.80 USD
  Aquarius Beach Hotel   Bali 46.80 USD
  Ara Hotel Gading Serpong   Java 28.28 USD
  Arama Riverside   Bali 87.05 USD
  Arana Suite   Bali 30.03 USD
  Arca Bungalow   Bali 30 USD
  Aria Exclusive Villa & Spa - formerly Aria Luxury Villa   Bali 165.49 USD
  Aria Villas Ubud   Bali 158.05 USD
  Arini Hotel Solo   Java 24 USD
  Arion Swiss-Belhotel Kemang   Jakarta 67.39 USD
  ARMA Museum & Resort   Bali 89 USD
  Arma Villas   Bali 188 USD
  Arman Villas   Bali 77 USD
  Artemis Villa and Hotel   Bali 53.95 USD
  ARTOTEL Jakarta Thamrin   Jakarta 46.84 USD
  Artotel Surabaya   Java 31 USD
  Arya Amed Beach Resort   Bali 30.75 USD
  Asa Bali Luxury Villas and Spa   Bali 132.49 USD
  Asana Agung Putra Bali formerly AP INN Hotel   Bali 30.46 USD
  Asean International Hotel Medan   Sumatra 38.42 USD
  Ashyana Candidasa   Bali 86.38 USD
  Astagina Resort Villa and Spa   Bali 50 USD
  Astamana Villa   Bali 126 USD
  Astana Batubelig Villa   Bali 96.40 USD
  Astana Kunti Suite Apartment and Villa   Bali 30.32 USD
  Astana Pengembak Suite Villa   Bali 29.01 USD
  Aston at Kuningan Suites   Jakarta 62.05 USD
  Aston Balikpapan Hotel and Residence   Kalimantan 44.39 USD
  Aston Banua - Hotel & Convention Center   Kalimantan 34 USD
  Aston Belitung Hotel   Sumatra 51.30 USD
  Aston Bogor Hotel and Resort   Java 54.37 USD
  Aston Bojonegoro City Hotel   Java 42.08 USD
  Aston Braga Hotel & Residence Bandung   Java 34.40 USD
  Aston Cengkareng City Hotel & Conference Center   Jakarta 31.79 USD
  Aston Cirebon Hotel and Convention Center   Java 38.24 USD
  Aston Denpasar Hotel & Convention Center   Bali 33.37 USD
  Aston Imperial Bekasi Hotel & Conference Center   Jakarta 42.90 USD
  Aston Imperium Purwokerto   Java 37.48 USD
  Aston Inn Tuban   Bali 27.28 USD
  Aston Jambi Hotel & Conference Center   Sumatra 42.08 USD
  Aston Jayapura Hotel & Convention Center   Papua 42.85 USD
  Aston Jember Hotel & Conference Center   Java 27.49 USD
  Aston Ketapang City Hotel   Kalimantan 33.07 USD
  Aston Kupang Hotel & Convention Center   Nusa Tenggara 45.92 USD
  Aston Kuta Hotel and Residence   Bali 52.05 USD
  Aston Madiun Hotel & Conference Center   Java 33.64 USD
  Aston Makassar Hotel & Convention Center   Sulawesi 45.15 USD
  Aston Manado Hotel   Sulawesi 0.00 USD
  Aston Marina Jakarta   Jakarta 46.08 USD
  Aston Niu Manokwari Hotel & Conference Center   Papua 43 USD
  Aston Palembang Hotel & Convention Center   Sumatra 41 USD
  Aston Pluit Hotel & Residence   Jakarta 42.30 USD
  Aston Pontianak Hotel and Convention Center   Kalimantan 38.24 USD
  Aston Primera Pasteur Hotel and Conference Center   Java 51.30 USD
  Aston Rasuna Residence Jakarta   Jakarta 63.77 USD
  Aston Samarinda   Kalimantan 53.60 USD
  Aston Semarang Hotel and Convention Center   Java 35.17 USD
  Aston Solo Hotel   Java 28.26 USD
  Aston Sunset Beach Resort - Gili Trawangan   Lombok 45.34 USD
  Aston Tanjung City Hotel   Kalimantan 44 USD
  Aston Tanjung Pinang Hotel & Conference Center   Bintan Island 42 USD
  Aston Tropicana Hotel Bandung   Java 54.37 USD
  Aston Ungasan Hotel & Convention Center   Bali 35.94 USD
  Atanaya Hotel - Managed by Century Park Jakarta   Bali 21.12 USD
  Athena Garden & Spa Villa   Bali 55.84 USD
  Atlet Century Park   Jakarta 77.74 USD
  Atria Hotel & Conference Malang   Java 26.34 USD
  Atria Hotel and Conference Gading Serpong   Java 32.24 USD
  Atria Hotel and Conference Magelang   Java 26.02 USD
  Atria Residences Gading Serpong   Java 47.60 USD
  Atrium Resort & Hotel   Java 39 USD
  Avissa Suites   Jakarta 43.79 USD
  AW Residence Seminyak   Bali 38 USD
  Awarta Nusa Dua Luxury Villas & Spa   Bali 410.98 USD
  Ayana Resort and Spa Bali   Bali 212 USD
  Ayodya Resort Bali   Bali 100.83 USD
  Ayu Beach Inn   Bali 21 USD
  Ayu Guna Resort   Bali 15.74 USD
  Ayung Resort Ubud   Bali 135.65 USD

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  b Hotel Bali & Spa   Bali 22.61 USD

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  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Bagus Hayden Hotel Bali   Bali 15.74 USD
  Bagus Jati   Bali 177.70 USD
  Bakung Beach Resort   Bali 18.72 USD
  Bakungsari Hotel   Bali 17.94 USD
  Balangan Cottage   Bali 12.06 USD
  Balangan Garden Bungalow   Bali 21.10 USD
  Baleka Resort Hotel & Spa   Bali 27.92 USD
  Bali Agung Village   Bali 52.84 USD
  Bali Aroma Exclusive Villas   Bali 189.56 USD
  Bali Awan Villas   Bali 115.88 USD
  Bali Ayu Hotel   Bali 27.93 USD
  Bali Ayu Villas   Bali 27.93 USD
  Bali Bagus Hotel   Bali 17 USD
  Bali Bhuana Beach Cottages   Bali 34.63 USD
  Bali Chaya Hotel Legian   Bali 20.10 USD
  Bali Corail Villa   Bali 82.50 USD
  Bali Court Hotel & Apartment   Bali 41.25 USD
  Bali Diamond Villas - Estates   Bali 171.36 USD
  Bali Dynasty Resort   Bali 125.32 USD
  Bali Emerald Villas   Bali 107 USD
  Bali Ethnic Villa   Bali 454.18 USD
  Bali Garden Beach Resort   Bali 72.15 USD
  Bali Ginger Suites   Bali 63.47 USD
  Bali Golden Villas   Bali 109 USD
  Bali Hai Dream Villa   Bali 289 USD
  Bali Hidden Paradise Seminyak   Bali 37 USD
  Bali Island Villas & Spa Seminyak   Bali 150.49 USD
  Bali Jade Villas   Bali 109 USD
  Bali Kuta Resort Hotel & Convention Centre   Bali 27.53 USD
  Bali LeMare Residence   Bali 48 USD
  Bali Lovina Beach Cottages   Bali 28.93 USD
  Bali Mandira Hotel & Spa   Bali 138.82 USD
  Bali Masari Villas & Spa   Bali 80.22 USD
  Bali Mystique Hotel and Apartments   Bali 41 USD
  Bali Nibana Resort   Bali 15.71 USD
  Bali Niksoma Boutique Beach Resort   Bali 187.66 USD
  Bali Nusa Dua Hotel & Convention   Bali 76.16 USD
  Bali Nyuh Gading Villas   Bali 109.32 USD
  Bali Palms Resort   Bali 37.88 USD
  Bali Paradise Hotel Boutique Resort & SPA   Bali 69 USD
  Bali Prime Villas   Bali 106.62 USD
  Bali Puri Ratu Hotel   Bali 60.29 USD
  Bali Ramantika House   Bali 12 USD
  Bali Rani Hotel   Bali 71.78 USD
  Bali Reef Resort   Bali 86 USD
  Bali Rich Luxury Villa   Bali 120.22 USD
  Bali Rich Villa - Ubud   Bali 102.82 USD
  Bali Segara Hotel   Bali 20.10 USD
  Bali Senia Hotel   Bali 13.96 USD
  Bali Shangrila Beach Club   Bali 34.42 USD
  Bali Sorgawi   Bali 18.88 USD
  Bali Spirit Hotel & Spa   Bali 51.94 USD
  Bali Suksma Villa   Bali 30.47 USD
  Bali Summer Hotel   Bali 21.71 USD
  Bali Swiss Villa   Bali 114.24 USD
  Bali Tropic Resort & Spa   Bali 69.81 USD
  Bali Villa Ubud   Bali 53.95 USD
  Bali Yubi Villas   Bali 142 USD
  Balibaliku Beach Front Luxury Private Pool Villas   Bali 101.54 USD
  Balicosy Villas   Bali 111.02 USD
  BaliNea Villa & Spa   Bali 45 USD
  Balisandy Resort   Bali 23.12 USD
  Balisani Padma Hotel   Bali 18.88 USD
  Baliwood Resort Spa & Wellness   Bali 186 USD
  Banana Inn   Java 36.81 USD
  Bangka Bed and Breakfast   Jakarta 31 USD
  Banyan Tree Bintan   Bintan Island 280.44 USD
  Banyan Tree Ungasan   Bali 615.80 USD
  Banyu Biru Villa   Bintan Island 301 USD
  Banyualit Spa & Resort   Bali 45 USD
  Baron Indah Hotel   Java 33 USD
  Barong Resort & Spa   Bali 100.60 USD
  Batam Centre Hotel   Batam Island 0.00 USD
  Batam View Beach Resort   Batam Island 46.15 USD
  Batu Karang Lembongan Resort and Day Spa   Bali 202.03 USD
  Batur Lakeside Hut - Resto Apung   Bali 54 USD
  Bayad Ubud Bali Villa   Bali 27.60 USD
  Beach Bungalow   Lombok 31 USD
  Beautiful Bali Villas   Bali 134.06 USD
  Bebek Tepi Sawah Villas and Spa   Bali 79.30 USD
  Beji Ubud Resort   Bali 46.35 USD
  Bel Air Resort and SPA   Lombok 48 USD
  Bela International Hotel   Maluku 99 USD
  Bella Hotel by Simply Maven   Java 25.39 USD
  Belmond Jimbaran Puri Bali   Bali 289.35 USD
  Bembengan Ubud Cottage   Bali 23.99 USD
  Bemo Corner Guest House   Bali 11.23 USD
  Berry Amour Villas   Bali 174.53 USD
  Berry Biz Hotel   Bali 19.49 USD
  Berry Hotel   Bali 18.39 USD
  BEST WESTERN Grand Palace Kemayoran   Jakarta 47.80 USD
  Best Western Hariston Pluit Jakarta   Jakarta 37.78 USD
  Best Western Kuta Beach   Bali 26.39 USD
  Best Western Kuta Villa   Bali 30.21 USD
  Best Western OJ Hotel   Java 31.73 USD
  Best Western Premier Sunset Road   Bali 41.12 USD
  Best Western Resort Kuta   Bali 22.61 USD
  Bhanuswari Resort & Spa   Bali 42.19 USD
  Bhavana Private Villas   Bali 120.58 USD
  Bhuwana Ubud Hotel   Bali 47.60 USD
  Bidadari Private Villas & Retreat -Ubud   Bali 257.15 USD
  Big Hotel Jakarta   Jakarta 23 USD
  Billy Pendawa Homestay   Bali 19.04 USD
  Bintan Lagoon Resort   Bintan Island 71.12 USD
  Bintan Lagoon Villas   Bintan Island 71.12 USD
  Bintang Kuta Hotel   Bali 53.95 USD
  Bisma Eight   Bali 185.75 USD
  Bisma Sari Resort   Bali 25.35 USD
  Biyukukung Suites & Spa   Bali 49 USD
  Black Penny Ubud   Bali 221 USD
  Black Penny Villas   Lombok 62.59 USD
  Bliss Surfer Hotel   Bali 25.71 USD
  Bloo Lagoon Village   Bali 102.48 USD
  Blue Beach II   Lombok 34 USD
  Blue Beach I   Lombok 27 USD
  Blue Karma Resort   Bali 128.38 USD
  Bona Village Inn   Bali 47.60 USD
  Bounty Hotel   Bali 37.13 USD
  BPC City Hotel   Bali 24.62 USD
  Bracha Villas Bali   Bali 123.76 USD
  Brown Feather   Bali 42.84 USD
  Budhas Guest House   Bali 15 USD
  Bulgari Resort Bali   Bali 900.00 USD
  Bumi Ayu Hotel   Bali 40.30 USD
  Bumi Linggah The Pratama Villas   Bali 88.52 USD
  Bumi Ubud Resort   Bali 45.32 USD
  BVilla Seminyak   Bali 198.19 USD

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  bvilla Spa   Bali 198 USD
  bvilla-pool   Bali 207 USD

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  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  C-Brity Villa   Bali 72.31 USD
  C151 Luxury Villas Dreamland   Bali 551.03 USD
  C151 Smart Villas   Bali 349.06 USD
  Cakra Kusuma Hotel   Yogyakarta 14.81 USD
  Campago Resort Hotel   Sumatra 38.40 USD
  Candi Beach Cottage   Bali 79.34 USD
  Casa Bidadari   Bali 25.97 USD
  Casa Blanco Bali - The Maha Place   Bali 21 USD
  Casa Dasa Legian formerly Casa Minha Nakula   Bali 17.11 USD
  Casa De Jimbaran   Bali 19 USD
  Casa di Ungasan Suite and Residence   Bali 21.77 USD
  Casa Ganesha Hotel   Bali 24.28 USD
  Cattleya Suite by Marbella   Bali 47.60 USD
  Catur Adi Putra Hotel   Bali 12.38 USD
  Cemara Hotel   Jakarta 37.31 USD
  Cemara Indah Hotel   Java 39 USD
  Cempaka Lovina Hotel   Bali 21 USD
  Centra Taum Seminyak Bali   Bali 43.99 USD
  CentroCity Service Apartment   Jakarta 26 USD
  Champlung Mas Hotel   Bali 21.32 USD
  Champlung Sari Ubud   Bali 42.90 USD
  Chandra Luxury Villas   Bali 206.61 USD
  Chapung Se Bali   Bali 227.27 USD
  Chateau de Bali Ungasan Luxury Villas & Spa   Bali 153.59 USD
  ChiChi s Bungalows & Suites   Bali  
  Chili Ubud Cottage   Bali 33.06 USD
  Cicada Luxury Townhouses   Bali 57 USD
  Cinta Grill & Inn   Bali 112 USD
  Cipaganti Legian Hotel   Bali 22.85 USD
  Citadines Kuta Beach Bali   Bali 48.38 USD
  Citradream Hotel Cirebon   Java 23.93 USD
  Citradream Hotel Semarang   Java 20.31 USD
  Citrus Tree B&B - Arik   Bali 28.88 USD
  Citrus Tree B&B - Hutama   Bali 28.65 USD
  Citrus Tree B&B - Mai Malu   Bali 38.73 USD
  Citrus Tree B&B - Pering   Bali 53.63 USD
  Citrus Tree B&B - Sulendra   Bali 26.86 USD
  Citrus Tree B&B - Wena   Bali 37.45 USD
  Citrus Tree B&B - Widia   Bali 36.84 USD
  Cityzen Renon   Bali 13.03 USD
  CK Luxury Villas   Bali 236.15 USD
  Clio Studio Apartment   Bali 45 USD
  Club Bali Suites at Kota Bunga   Java 35.67 USD
  Club Bali Suites   Bali 68.24 USD
  CLV Hotel & Villa   Bali 29.83 USD
  Coco de Heaven   Bali 12.00 USD
  Cocotinos Manado North Sulawesi   Sulawesi 63.17 USD
  Cocotinos Sekotong A Boutique Beach Resort & Spa   Lombok 65.96 USD
  Colony Hotel Bali   Bali 182 USD
  Comfort Hotel & Resort Tanjung Pinang   Bintan Island 29 USD
  COMO Shambhala Estate   Bali 481.65 USD
  Conrad Bali   Bali 175.50 USD
  Coral View Villas   Bali 69.27 USD
  Courtyard by Marriott Bali Nusa Dua   Bali 101.87 USD
  Courtyard by Marriott Bali Seminyak   Bali 132.27 USD
  Cozy Guest House   Java 28.67 USD
  Cozy Stay Bali   Bali 15.66 USD
  Crown Astana Villa Seminyak   Bali 103.57 USD
  Crystal Lotus Hotel Yogyakarta Managed By Prabu   Yogyakarta 20.11 USD
  CT1 Bali Bed & Breakfast   Bali 7.43 USD
  Cyma Villa   Bali 83 USD

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  d Alang - Alang Villas Bali   Bali 39.98 USD

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  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  D Bulakan Kampung Villa Ubud   Bali 41.26 USD
  D Chandrasti Bali Villas Batu Belig   Bali 277 USD
  D Cozie Hotel by Prasanthi   Jakarta 27.29 USD
  D Kubu Pratama   Bali 25.19 USD

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  d Lima Hotel & Villas   Bali 17.85 USD
  d Omah Hotel Yogyakarta   Yogyakarta 66.12 USD
  d Oria Boutique Resort Lombok   Lombok 50.38 USD
  d Penjor Seminyak   Bali 68 USD
  d Sri Saren Legian-Kuta   Bali 31.10 USD

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  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Dafam Cilacap   Java 22.85 USD
  Dampati Villas   Bali 67.62 USD
  Danoya Villa   Bali 171.91 USD
  DBulakan Boutique Resort Ubud   Bali 41.26 USD
  DD Ubud Villa   Bali 58.81 USD
  De Batara   Java 24.05 USD
  De Bharata Bali Villas Seminyak   Bali 107.68 USD
  De Munut Balinese Resort   Bali 45.70 USD
  De Ubud Villas and Spa   Bali 240.88 USD
  De Uma Lokha Luxury Villas & Spa   Bali 172.37 USD
  Dedari Villa   Bali 413 USD
  Dedy Homestay   Bali 22 USD

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  dekuta   Bali 31.41 USD
  deLMango Villa Estate   Bali 295.47 USD

A to E

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Delonix Hotel   Java 38.40 USD
  Delu Villas & Suite   Bali 15 USD
  Denays House   Bali 24.48 USD
  DenBukit Residence & Suite   Bali 25.88 USD
  Desamuda Village   Bali 104.64 USD
  Destiny Villas Seminyak by Premier Hospitality Asia   Bali 139.63 USD
  Dewani Villa Resort   Bali 57.59 USD
  Dewi Sri Hotel   Bali 29.70 USD
  Discovery Candidasa Cottages and Villas   Bali 69.00 USD
  Discovery Express Paramita   Sumatra 19.04 USD
  Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel   Bali 125.70 USD
  Disini Luxury Spa Villas   Bali 186.05 USD
  Diwangkara Holiday Villa Beach Resort   Bali 29.67 USD
  Djabu Bali Hotel   Bali 30.51 USD
  Dolphin Beach Apartments   Bali 68.54 USD
  DOmah Bali Hotel   Bali 57.72 USD
  Double-Six Luxury Hotel   Bali 226.11 USD
  Doubleyou Homestay Pemuteran   Bali 31 USD

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  dPraya Lombok Hotel   Lombok 28.56 USD

A to E

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Dream at Jimbaran   Bali 12.69 USD
  Dream Beach   Bali 54 USD
  Dream Estate   Lombok 38.17 USD
  Dreamtel Jakarta   Jakarta 37.28 USD
  Dsawah Villa   Bali 165 USD
  Dura Villas Bali   Bali 152.32 USD
  Dusun Jogja Village Inn   Yogyakarta 61 USD
  DWina Villa Kuta   Bali 128 USD
  Dyana Villas   Bali 190.38 USD
  Eazy Inn   Bali 22.21 USD
  Eazy Suite   Bali 22.21 USD
  Echo Beach Resort   Bali 124 USD
  Echoland Bed & Breakfast   Bali 35 USD
  EDEN Hotel Kuta Bali   Bali 38.75 USD
  Eden the Residence at the Sea Bali   Bali 324.63 USD
  Elephant Safari Park Lodge   Bali 191.92 USD
  Euphoria Hotel   Bali 19.33 USD
  Everbright Hotel   Java 26.76 USD
  Evita Villa   Bali 66 USD

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  eXQisit Villas & SPA   Lombok 66 USD

F to J

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Fairmont Sanur Beach Bali   Bali 264.08 USD
  Famehotel Gading Serpong   Java 21.31 USD

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  favehotel Adi Sucipto Solo   Java 19.81 USD
  favehotel Braga   Java 21.74 USD
  favehotel Bypass Kuta   Bali 18.94 USD
  favehotel Cimanuk Garut   Java 32.10 USD
  favehotel Daeng Tompo   Sulawesi 25.19 USD
  favehotel Gatot Subroto Jakarta   Jakarta 35.17 USD
  favehotel Graha Agung   Java 26.72 USD
  favehotel Hyper Square   Java 22.71 USD
  favehotel Jababeka   Jakarta 29.58 USD
  favehotel Kelapa Gading   Jakarta 24.42 USD
  favehotel Kemang   Jakarta 29.98 USD
  favehotel Kusumanegara   Yogyakarta 22.12 USD
  favehotel Kuta Square   Bali 21.29 USD
  favehotel LTC Glodok   Jakarta 28.04 USD
  favehotel Melawai   Jakarta 28.57 USD
  favehotel MEX Surabaya   Java 22.12 USD
  favehotel MT Haryono Balikpapan   Kalimantan 25.19 USD
  favehotel Pasar Baru   Jakarta 24.42 USD
  favehotel PGC Cililitan   Jakarta 30.56 USD
  favehotel Pluit Junction   Jakarta 27.28 USD
  favehotel Premier Cihampelas   Java 30.80 USD
  favehotel Puri Indah Jakarta   Jakarta 30.56 USD
  favehotel Seminyak - Bali   Bali 22.88 USD
  favehotel Solo Baru   Java 19.66 USD
  favehotel Sunset Seminyak   Bali 22.12 USD
  favehotel Tanah Abang Cideng Formerly Neo Tanah Abang Cideng   Jakarta 21.41 USD
  favehotel Umalas   Bali 22.88 USD
  favehotel Wahid Hasyim   Jakarta 30.59 USD

F to J

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Febris Hotel & Spa   Bali 37.09 USD
  Finna Golf & Country Club Resort   Java 132 USD
  Flamingo Dewata   Bali 57.05 USD
  Flora Kuta Bali   Bali 19.67 USD
  FM7 Resort Hotel Jakarta   Jakarta 43.88 USD
  Focus Hotel   Jakarta 27 USD
  Fontana Hotel Bali   Bali 38.70 USD
  Fortune Fest Hotel Yogyakarta managed by Prabu   Yogyakarta 15.55 USD
  Four On Drupadi   Bali 123.69 USD
  Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay   Bali 584.09 USD
  Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan   Bali 441.00 USD
  Fourteen Roses Beach Hotel   Bali 0.00 USD
  Frangipani Beach Hotel Lovina   Bali 62.34 USD
  Fraser Residence Menteng Jakarta   Jakarta 114.66 USD
  Fraser Residence Sudirman Jakarta   Jakarta 127.19 USD
  FRii Bali Echo Beach   Bali 27.95 USD
  Furama Villas & Spa Ubud   Bali 148.43 USD
  FuramaXclusive Ocean Beach Seminyak Bali   Bali 89.77 USD
  FuramaXclusive Villas & Spa Ubud   Bali 168.21 USD
  Gaja Hotel   Sumatra 17.32 USD
  Gajah Mina Beach Resort   Bali 115.70 USD
  Gallery Prawirotaman Hotel   Yogyakarta 31.70 USD
  Ganesha Bali Coral Reef Villas   Bali 51.09 USD
  Ganga Hotel & Apartment   Bali 19.05 USD
  Garden Palace Hotel Surabaya   Java 32.78 USD
  Garden View Legian Cottages   Bali 27 USD
  Garuda Hotel Pontianak   Kalimantan 20 USD
  Gaya Villas   Bali 66.49 USD
  Gending Kedis Luxury Villas & Spa Estate   Bali 166.90 USD
  GH Universal Hotel   Java 60.29 USD
  Gili Inn   Lombok 32.12 USD
  Gili Villas   Lombok 144.31 USD
  Gino Feruci Braga Bandung   Java 37.09 USD
  Gino Feruci Kebon Jati Bandung   Java 37.40 USD
  Glassio Hotel Roxy   Jakarta 25 USD
  GM Bali Guesthouse   Bali 13 USD
  Golden Flower Hotel   Java 39.98 USD
  Golden Tulip Devins Hotel Seminyak   Bali 128.17 USD
  Golden Tulip Essential Denpasar   Bali 20.97 USD
  Golden Tulip Essential Pontianak   Kalimantan 41 USD
  Golden Tulip Galaxy Banjarmasin   Kalimantan 44.50 USD
  Good Heart Resort   Lombok 42.57 USD
  Goodway Hotel Batam   Batam Island 34.35 USD
  Goodway Hotels & Resort   Bali 41.26 USD
  Gosyen Hotel Bali   Bali 20.31 USD
  Gowongan Inn Yogyakarta   Yogyakarta 0.00 USD
  Gracia Bali Villas & Apartment   Bali 57 USD
  Graha Moding Villas   Bali 42.20 USD
  Gran Melia Jakarta   Jakarta 112.00 USD
  Grand Akhyati Villas & Spa   Bali 133.27 USD
  Grand Angkasa Medan   Sumatra 0.00 USD
  Grand Artos Aerowisata Hotel & Convention   Java 51 USD
  Grand Aston Bali Beach Resort   Bali 105.62 USD
  Grand Aston Yogyakarta   Yogyakarta 46.69 USD
  Grand Avenue - Boutique Villas & Spa   Bali 71.86 USD
  Grand Balisani Suites   Bali 58.70 USD
  Grand Barong Resort   Bali 31.73 USD
  Grand Cemara Hotel   Jakarta 38.54 USD
  Grand Darmo Suite   Java 34.16 USD
  Grand Elty Krakatoa   Sumatra 81 USD
  Grand Hatika Hotel   Sumatra 57.12 USD
  Grand Hyatt Bali   Bali 185.00 USD
  Grand Inna Kuta - formerly Inna Kuta Beach   Bali 57.27 USD
  Grand Istana Rama Hotel   Bali 23.93 USD
  Grand Ixora Kuta Resort   Bali 29.19 USD
  Grand Jimbaran Boutique Hotel & Spa   Bali 38.08 USD
  Grand Kemang Hotel   Jakarta 56 USD
  Grand Kuta Hotel & Residence   Bali 24.16 USD
  Grand La Villais Hotel and Spa   Bali 36.81 USD
  Grand La Villais Villa and Spa   Bali 117.41 USD
  Grand Mega Resort & Spa Bali   Bali 34.27 USD
  Grand Mercure Jakarta Harmoni   Jakarta 55.80 USD
  Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali   Bali 80.03 USD
  Grand Mutiara Hotel   Sumatra 55.42 USD
  Grand Nikko Bali   Bali 122.87 USD
  Grand Nikko Villas   Bali 122.87 USD
  Grand Paradise Hotel Lembang   Java 36 USD
  Grand Quality Hotel Yogyakarta   Yogyakarta 31.42 USD
  Grand Royal BIL Hotel   Lombok 28.34 USD
  Grand Serela Medan   Sumatra 39.47 USD
  Grand Serela Setiabudhi Bandung   Java 35.86 USD
  Grand Sinar Indah Hotel   Bali 30.94 USD
  Grand Sunset - Gili Air   Lombok 31.73 USD
  Grand Swiss Belhotel Medan   Sumatra 57.59 USD
  Grand Tjokro Klaten   Java 26.70 USD
  Grand Tjokro Yogyakarta   Yogyakarta 26.45 USD
  Grand Whiz Hotel Nusa Dua   Bali 46.84 USD
  Grand Zuri BSD - City   Java 36.68 USD
  Grand Zuri Kuta - Bali   Bali 30.89 USD
  Grand Zuri Palembang   Sumatra 39.20 USD
  Grand Zuri Pekanbaru   Sumatra 29.51 USD
  Grandmas Seminyak Hotel   Bali 24.43 USD
  Grandmas Tuban Hotel   Bali 20.94 USD
  Grania Bali Villas   Bali 203 USD
  Green Asri Hotel   Lombok 33.00 USD
  Green Garden Hotel Bali   Bali 32.14 USD
  Green Villas Hotel   Bali 16.94 USD
  Grha Ciumbuleuit Guesthouse   Java 18.39 USD
  Griya Persada   Yogyakarta 26.52 USD
  Griya Santrian   Bali 107.89 USD
  Griya Teratai Luxury Guest House   Java 39 USD
  Gunung Merta Bungalows   Bali 24.12 USD
  H Sovereign Bali   Bali 42.87 USD
  Habitat at Hyarta   Yogyakarta 124 USD
  Hammer Head Hotel and Spa   Lombok 54 USD
  Hanging Gardens Ubud   Bali 369.45 USD
  Harper Kuta Hotel   Bali 33.83 USD
  Harper Mangkubumi   Yogyakarta 31.33 USD
  Harrads Hotel and Spa   Bali 30.22 USD
  Harris Hotel & Conventions Festival CityLink Bandung   Java 37.32 USD
  HARRIS Hotel & Conventions Malang   Java 50.01 USD
  Harris Hotel & Residences Riverview - Kuta   Bali 27.51 USD
  HARRIS Hotel & Residences Sunset Road   Bali 27.35 USD
  Harris Hotel Batam Center   Batam Island 39.98 USD
  HARRIS Hotel Bukit Jimbaran   Bali 28.45 USD
  HARRIS Hotel Cokroaminoto   Bali 26.73 USD
  HARRIS Hotel Kuta Galleria   Bali 31.30 USD
  HARRIS Hotel Raya Kuta Bali   Bali 24.89 USD
  HARRIS Hotel Seminyak   Bali 37.44 USD
  HARRIS Hotel Sentul City Bogor   Java 40.30 USD
  Harris Hotel Tebet Jakarta   Jakarta 43.87 USD
  HARRIS Hotel Tuban Bali   Bali 25.39 USD
  Harris Resort Batam   Batam Island 40.22 USD
  HARRIS Resort Kuta Beach   Bali 52.27 USD
  Harris Suites fX Sudirman   Jakarta 63.34 USD
  Hawaii a Club Bali Resort   Java 62.52 USD
  Hawaii Bali Villa   Bali 0.00 USD
  Heliconia Villa   Bali 95.20 USD
  Hidden Paradise Cottages   Bali 65.45 USD
  Hidden Valley Resort Bali   Bali 38.10 USD
  Holiday Inn Express Bali Raya Kuta   Bali 35.00 USD
  Holiday Inn Resort Baruna Bali   Bali 93.68 USD
  Holiday Inn Resort Batam   Batam Island 55.65 USD
  Holiday Resort Lombok   Lombok 57.18 USD
  HOM Hotel Kudus   Java 24.56 USD
  Hom Hotel Tambun   Jakarta 29 USD
  Homeat36 Condotel   Bali 30.80 USD
  Horison Bekasi   Jakarta 50 USD
  Horison Hotel Pematangsiantar   Sumatra 41.26 USD
  Horison Hotel Semarang   Java 41.25 USD
  Horison Seminyak Bali   Bali 33.06 USD
  Hotel 88 Embong Kenongo   Java 20.63 USD
  Hotel 88 Mangga Besar 8   Jakarta 25.07 USD
  Hotel Alam Sari Keliki   Bali 15.87 USD
  Hotel Ambhara Jakarta   Jakarta 136 USD
  Hotel Aryaduta Jakarta   Jakarta 74.89 USD
  Hotel Aryaduta Lippo Village   Jakarta 53.76 USD
  Hotel Aryaduta Makassar   Sulawesi 43.15 USD
  Hotel Aryaduta Medan   Sumatra 56.83 USD
  Hotel Aryaduta Semanggi   Jakarta 76.79 USD
  Hotel Asoka City Home   Bali 14.48 USD
  Hotel Avira Panakkukang   Sulawesi 0.00 USD
  Hotel Bali Hoki   Bali 24 USD
  Hotel Bali Subak   Bali 34 USD
  Hotel Borobudur Jakarta   Jakarta 95.99 USD
  Hotel Budi   Sumatra 34 USD
  Hotel Ciputra Semarang   Java 41.22 USD
  Hotel Dewarna Sutoyo   Java 26 USD
  Hotel Gili Air & Restaurant   Lombok 38 USD
  Hotel Gran Mahakam   Jakarta 99.08 USD
  Hotel Horison Jimbaran   Bali 23.80 USD
  Hotel Ibis Malioboro Yogyakarta   Yogyakarta 39.16 USD
  Hotel Ibis Pekanbaru   Sumatra 24.19 USD
  Hotel Ibis Semarang   Java 22.56 USD
  Hotel Imperium Bandung   Java 58 USD
  Hotel Kaisar   Jakarta 38 USD
  Hotel Kartika Chandra   Jakarta 50.63 USD
  Hotel Kumala Pantai   Bali 74.38 USD
  Hotel La Hasienda   Nusa Tenggara 29 USD
  Hotel Laras Asri Resort & Spa   Java 102 USD
  Hotel Le Grandeur Balikpapan   Kalimantan 36.87 USD
  Hotel Mariat Sorong   Papua 64 USD
  Hotel Melawai 1   Jakarta 74 USD
  Hotel Melawai 2   Jakarta 74 USD
  Hotel Mulia Senayan Jakarta   Jakarta 284.54 USD
  Hotel Neo - Kuta Jelantik   Bali 17.18 USD
  Hotel Neo Candi Semarang   Java 19.81 USD
  Hotel Neo Green Savana Sentul City   Java 42.08 USD
  Hotel Neo Seminyak - Petitenget   Bali 25.95 USD
  Hotel Neo Tendean Jakarta   Jakarta 28 USD
  Hotel Ombak Sunset   Lombok 53.94 USD
  Hotel On The Rock by Prasanthi   Nusa Tenggara 43.47 USD
  Hotel Pondok Kori Bata   Bali 22 USD
  Hotel Puri Tempo Doeloe   Bali 56.93 USD
  Hotel Ratna Kuta   Bali 19.10 USD
  Hotel S8   Bali 15.87 USD
  Hotel Santika Bangka   Sumatra 27.87 USD
  Hotel Santika Cirebon   Java 41.94 USD
  Hotel Santika Depok   Java 38.30 USD
  Hotel Santika Kuta Bali   Bali 32.98 USD
  Hotel Santika Pandegiling Surabaya   Java 30.48 USD
  Hotel Santika Premiere Jakarta   Jakarta 49.58 USD
  Hotel Santika Premiere Semarang   Java 37.01 USD
  Hotel Santika Siligita Nusa Dua   Bali 34.70 USD
  Hotel Sari Bunga   Bali 47.91 USD
  Hotel Tjampuhan Spa   Bali 74.83 USD
  Hotel Tugu Bali   Bali 237.24 USD
  Hotel Tugu Lombok   Lombok 164.92 USD
  Hotel Tugu Malang   Java 65.08 USD
  Hotel Vila Lumbung   Bali 52.72 USD
  Hotel Vila Ombak   Lombok 76.64 USD
  Hotel Vio Surapati   Java 22.85 USD
  Hotel Yasmin Puncak   Java 31.42 USD
  House Sangkuriang   Java 44.43 USD
  Hu u Villas   Bali 213.24 USD
  Ibis Bali Kuta   Bali 22.28 USD
  Ibis Balikpapan   Kalimantan 27.16 USD
  Ibis Bandung Trans Studio   Java 29.49 USD
  Ibis Gading Serpong   Java 25.24 USD
  Ibis Jakarta Arcadia   Jakarta 33.87 USD
  Ibis Jakarta Cawang   Jakarta 31.65 USD
  Ibis Jakarta Mangga Dua   Jakarta 31.72 USD
  Ibis Jakarta Senen   Jakarta 31.48 USD
  Ibis Jakarta Slipi   Jakarta 33.17 USD
  Ibis Jakarta Tamarin   Jakarta 39.74 USD
  Ibis Kemayoran   Jakarta 29.65 USD
  Ibis Padang   Sumatra 22.67 USD
  Ibis Rajawali   Java 25.23 USD
  Ibis Solo   Java 24.48 USD
  Ibis Styles Bali Benoa   Bali 28.65 USD
  Ibis Styles Bali Kuta Circle   Bali 30.17 USD
  Ibis Styles Bali Kuta Legian   Bali 27.85 USD
  Ibis Styles Braga   Java 29.85 USD
  Ibis Styles Jakarta Airport   Jakarta 39 USD
  Ibis Styles Malang   Java 25.62 USD
  Ibis Surabaya City Center   Java 28.20 USD
  Ida Hotel   Bali 26.40 USD
  Idoop Hotel Lombok   Lombok 23.61 USD
  Inata Bisma   Bali 50.77 USD
  Inata Hotel Monkey Forest Ubud   Bali 50.38 USD
  Indah Palace Hotel Solo   Java 27.92 USD
  Indiana kenanga Villas   Bali 148.76 USD
  Indira Cottage Ubud   Bali 25.39 USD
  Indra Maya Pool Villa   Bintan Island 590.92 USD
  Inna Bali Hotel   Bali 16.89 USD
  Inna Grand Bali Beach   Bali 49.96 USD
  Inna Sindhu Beach Resort Hotel   Bali 51.78 USD
  InterContinental Bali Resort   Bali 153.00 USD
  Ion Bali Benoa   Bali 32.24 USD

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  iVilla   Bali 318 USD

F to J

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Ivory Resort Seminyak   Bali 41 USD
  IZE Seminyak   Bali 81.89 USD
  J Boutique Hotel   Bali 29.15 USD
  J4 Hotels Legian   Bali 25.33 USD
  Jalan Jalan Villas & Spa   Bali 28.88 USD
  Jamahal Private Resort & Spa   Bali 401.65 USD
  Jambu Inn   Bali 21.33 USD
  Jas Boutique Villas   Bali 74.25 USD
  Jas Green Villas and Spa   Bali 76.31 USD
  Javana Royal Villas   Bali 159.93 USD
  Jays Villa   Bali 71.40 USD
  Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp   Lombok 251.50 USD
  Jeeva Klui Resort   Lombok 180.59 USD
  Jesens Inn II   Bali 15.47 USD
  Jimbaran Lestari Hotel & Residence   Bali 16.50 USD
  Jineng Villas   Bali 146.76 USD
  Jiwaklusa Luxury Villa   Bali 88.85 USD
  Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel   Yogyakarta 34.92 USD
  Jusenny Hotel   Jakarta 35 USD
  Jw Marriott Jakarta   Jakarta 150.00 USD
  JW Marriott Medan   Sumatra 82.51 USD
  JW Marriott Surabaya   Java 74.36 USD

K to O

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  K77 Guesthouse Medan   Sumatra 17 USD
  Kamandalu Ubud   Bali 171.51 USD
  Kamandhani Cottage   Bali 28.79 USD
  Kamar Kamar Villa   Bali 47.60 USD

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  kaMAYA Resort and Villas   Bali 68.01 USD

K to O

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Kampoeng Joglo Abangan   Bali 50 USD
  Kampoeng Villa Bali   Bali 99.01 USD
  Kampung Cenik   Bali  
  Kamuela Sanur - formerly Aston Legend Villas Sanur   Bali 81.41 USD
  Kamuela Villas Seminyak   Bali 144.98 USD
  Kangkung Cottages   Bali 18.66 USD
  Kanishka Villas   Bali 128.46 USD
  Karma Jimbaran   Bali 387.62 USD
  Karma Kandara Resort   Bali 570.61 USD
  Kasan Green Hill Resort   Bali 62 USD
  Kayumanis Jimbaran Private Estate & Spa   Bali 272.14 USD
  Kayumanis Nusa Dua Private Villa & Spa   Bali 280.34 USD
  Kayumanis Ubud Private Villa & Spa   Bali 251.44 USD
  Kejora Suites - Designer Boutique Hotel   Bali 74.64 USD
  Kelapa Luxury Villas   Lombok 111.31 USD
  Kelapa Retreat   Bali 115.47 USD
  Kemang Icon by Alila   Jakarta 116.76 USD
  Kembali Villas   Bali 286.96 USD
  Kenanga Boutique Hotel   Bali 94.07 USD
  Keraton at The Plaza a Luxury Collection Hotel Jakarta   Jakarta 216.00 USD
  Keraton Jimbaran Resort & Spa   Bali 86.39 USD
  Kertanegara Premium Guest House   Java 18.53 USD
  Kertiyasa Bungalow   Bali 52 USD
  Ketapang Estate   Bali 480.17 USD
  Kila Senggigi Beach Lombok   Lombok 52.04 USD
  Kiss Villas Bali   Bali 193.42 USD
  Klumpu Bali Resort Villas   Bali 119.57 USD
  Koenokoeni Villa   Bali 182.17 USD
  Koi Hotel & Residence   Bali 30.17 USD
  Kokonut Suites -Seminyak   Bali 57.88 USD
  Komaneka at Bisma Ubud   Bali 288.61 USD
  Komaneka at Monkey Forest Ubud   Bali 185.44 USD
  Komaneka at Rasa Sayang Ubud   Bali 198.23 USD
  Komaneka at Tanggayuda Ubud   Bali 509.31 USD
  Komea Villas   Bali 151 USD
  Komune Resort & Beach Club Bali   Bali 89.20 USD
  Kosenda Hotel   Jakarta 70.13 USD
  Kriyamaha Villa & Spa   Bali 128 USD
  Kubu Anyar Hotel   Bali 20.62 USD
  Kubu Manggala Villas   Bali 62 USD
  Kubu Rama Villa   Bali 79 USD
  Kubudiuma Villas   Bali 55 USD
  Kunti Villas   Bali 140.26 USD
  Kupu Barong Villas & Spa By L-Occitane   Bali 120.28 USD
  Kupu Kupu Suites & Spa By L-Occitane   Bali 93.41 USD
  Kusuma Resort   Bali 38.98 USD
  Kuta Angel Hotel   Bali 30.70 USD
  Kuta Central Park Hotel   Bali 23.47 USD
  Kuta Indah Hotel   Lombok 14.28 USD
  Kuta Lagoon Resort & Pool Villas   Bali 35.95 USD
  Kuta Paradiso Hotel   Bali 74.26 USD
  Kuta Royal Holiday Bali Villas   Bali 103 USD
  Kuta Royal Villas   Bali 74 USD
  Kuta Sari House   Bali 12.70 USD
  Kuta Seaview Boutique Resort & Spa   Bali 83.67 USD
  Kuta Station Hotel & Spa   Bali 42.34 USD
  Kuta Town House Apartments   Bali 50.26 USD
  Kutabex Boutique Hotel and Spa   Bali 38.08 USD
  Kutaville   Bali 43.39 USD
  L Hotel Seminyak Bali   Bali 66.50 USD
  La Belle Villa   Bali 56.93 USD
  La Taverna Hotel   Bali 81.50 USD
  La Villa Mathis   Bali 139.09 USD
  Ladera Villa Ubud   Bali 95.20 USD
  Laguna Reef Hut Lembongan   Bali 33.97 USD
  Lake Grace Villa   Bali 125.94 USD
  Lakshmi Villas   Bali 285 USD
  Laksmi Ecottages Ubud   Bali 26 USD
  Lampion Hotel Solo   Java 26 USD
  Langon Bali Resort And Spa   Bali 21.73 USD
  Lavender Luxury Resort & Spa   Bali 75.53 USD
  Le 48 Zen & Happy Rezort   Bali 44.39 USD
  Le Grande Bali   Bali 58.70 USD
  Le Jardin Boutique Villa   Bali 205.24 USD
  Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran   Bali 116.22 USD
  Le Meridien Hotel Jakarta   Jakarta 109.20 USD
  Le Nixsun Villa & Spa   Bali 111.06 USD
  LE Pirate Beach Club - Hotel   Bali 32 USD
  Legian Beach Hotel   Bali 102.51 USD
  Legian Guest House   Bali 20.17 USD
  Legian Kriyamaha Villa   Bali 88.09 USD
  Legian Paradiso Hotel   Bali 30.14 USD
  Legian Village Hotel   Bali 17.53 USD
  Legong Keraton Beach Hotel   Bali 63.47 USD
  Lembongan Beach Club & Resort   Bali 148.47 USD
  Lembongan Cliff Villas   Bali 46.02 USD
  Lembongan Island Beach Villas   Bali 253.86 USD
  Les Villas Ottalia   Lombok 90.76 USD
  Lilin Lovina Beach Hotel   Bali 38.08 USD
  Living Asia Resort and Spa   Lombok 64.74 USD
  Lodtunduh Sari   Bali 25 USD
  Loft Legian Hotel   Bali 20.26 USD
  Lombok Raya Hotel   Lombok 34.84 USD
  Lorin Business Resort & Spa   Java 22.23 USD
  Losari Hotel and Villas   Bali 23.72 USD
  Losari Roxy Hotel Jakarta   Jakarta 36 USD
  Losari Sunset Hotel Bali   Bali 17.04 USD
  Lotus Bungalows   Bali 109.49 USD
  Lotus Garden Huts   Bali  
  Love Fashion Hotel by fashiontv   Bali 46.08 USD
  Lovender Guesthouse   Java 17 USD
  Lubdhaka Canggu Residence   Bali 19.04 USD
  Lumbini Villas & Spa   Bali 144.39 USD
  Lumbung Sari Ubud   Bali 53.95 USD
  Luna2 Studios   Bali 212.48 USD
  Luwak Ubud Villas   Bali 123.29 USD
  Luwansa Beach Resort   Nusa Tenggara 36.17 USD
  Luxio Hotel Bali   Bali 22.09 USD
  Lv8 Resort Hotel   Bali 101.37 USD
  Maca Villas & Spa Seminyak   Bali 194.20 USD
  Mahagiri Villas & Spa Dreamland   Bali 139.51 USD
  Mahagiri Villas   Bali 156.28 USD
  Mahala Hasa Villa   Bali 80.92 USD
  MAHAMAYA Boutique Resort   Lombok 91.78 USD
  Maharani Beach Hotel   Bali 50.40 USD
  Mainski Lembongan Resort   Bali 19 USD
  Majapahit Hotel   Java 103.78 USD
  Makassar Golden Hotel   Sulawesi 34.27 USD
  Malaka Hotel   Java 26.25 USD
  Mamo Hotel Uluwatu   Bali 37.12 USD
  Manggar Indonesia Hotel & Residence   Bali 24.09 USD
  Manhattan Hotel Jakarta   Jakarta 66.00 USD
  Manta Bungalows   Lombok 50 USD
  Manyi Village Ubud   Bali 47.24 USD
  Mara River Safari Lodge   Bali 145.45 USD
  Marbella Hotel Convention & Spa   Java 62.53 USD
  Marbella Suites Bandung   Java 31.13 USD
  Marinos Place Legian   Bali 27.71 USD
  Marlin Hotel Pekalongan   Java 19.84 USD
  Marriott Autograph Collection - The Stones Hotel - Bali   Bali 129.00 USD
  Mars City Hotel   Bali 19.88 USD
  Matahari Bungalow   Bali 22.66 USD
  Matahari Cottages   Bali 26.27 USD
  Matahari Guest House   Bali 12.17 USD
  Matahari Terbit Bali   Bali 41 USD
  Maven Moi Suites   Jakarta 83 USD
  Mawa House   Bali 31.09 USD
  Maxi Hotel Restaurant and Spa   Bali 19.04 USD
  Maxone Legian   Bali 19.04 USD
  MaxOneHotels at Bukit Jimbaran   Bali 19.84 USD
  Maxonehotels at Sabang   Jakarta 31.73 USD
  MaxOneHotels at Soekarno Hatta Bandung   Java 31.73 USD
  MaxOneHotels at Vivo Palembang   Sumatra 26.66 USD
  Maxonehotels Sukabumi   Java 39.80 USD
  Maya Sanur Resort & Spa   Bali 230.56 USD
  Maya Sayang Private Pool Villas & Spa   Bali 170.68 USD
  Maya Ubud Resort & Spa   Bali 227.25 USD
  Maya Village Kuta   Bali 21 USD
  Mayaloka Villas   Bali 113.65 USD
  Mayana Villas   Bali 239.26 USD
  Mayang Sari Beach Resort   Bintan Island 131.40 USD
  Meads Boutique Villas Hotel   Bali 73 USD
  Medewi Bay Retreat   Bali 36.81 USD
  Medewi Beach Cottages   Bali 74 USD
  Medori Putih Homestay   Bali 24 USD
  Mega Boutique Hotel & Spa   Bali 34.43 USD
  Melasa Hotel   Lombok 70 USD
  Melasti Beach Bungalows and Spa   Bali 34.08 USD
  Melasti Beach Resort & Spa   Bali 44.55 USD
  Melati Resort & Hotel   Lombok 29 USD
  Melati View Hotel   Bali  
  Melia Bali Indonesia   Bali 118.33 USD
  Melia Purosani Hotel   Yogyakarta 49.00 USD
  Melka Excelsior Hotel   Bali 43.80 USD
  Melody Bali Hotel   Bali 0.00 USD
  Menara Peninsula   Jakarta 51.41 USD
  Mentari Sanur Hotel   Bali 28.74 USD
  Merbabu Guest House   Java 22 USD
  Mercure Bali Harvestland Kuta   Bali 39.81 USD
  Mercure Bali Legian   Bali 64 USD
  Mercure Bali Nusa Dua   Bali 44.00 USD
  Mercure Bandung Setiabudi   Java 34.89 USD
  Mercure Banjarmasin   Kalimantan 43.53 USD
  Mercure Batam   Batam Island 31.38 USD
  Mercure Convention Center   Jakarta 31 USD
  Mercure Jakarta Kota   Jakarta 42.27 USD
  Mercure Jakarta Sabang   Jakarta 47.69 USD
  Mercure Jakarta Simatupang   Jakarta 62.20 USD
  Mercure Kuta Beach Bali   Bali 50.84 USD
  Mercure Padang   Sumatra 41.14 USD
  Mercure Palu   Sulawesi 30.27 USD
  Mercure Pontianak   Kalimantan 31.06 USD
  Mercure Resort Sanur   Bali 61.43 USD
  Mercure Serpong Alam Sutera   Java 48.99 USD
  Mercure Surabaya Grand Mirama   Java 33.29 USD
  Merlynn Park Hotel   Jakarta 41.25 USD
  MesaStila   Java 129.75 USD
  Mesten Tamarind Bali Boutique Hotel   Bali 31.10 USD
  Metland Hotel Cirebon   Java 41 USD
  Millennium Hotel Sirih Jakarta   Jakarta 56.87 USD
  Mimpi Resort Menjangan   Bali 83 USD
  Mimpi Resort Tulamben   Bali 69.42 USD
  Mojo Resort   Bali 29 USD
  Montigo Resorts Nongsa   Batam Island 0.00 USD
  Mosaix Gili Bungalows   Lombok 14.28 USD
  Mulia Resort - Nusa Dua Bali   Bali 251.07 USD
  Mulia Villas - Nusa Dua Bali   Bali 689.30 USD
  Munari Resort & Spa   Bali 34.91 USD
  Munari Villa and Spa Batubulan   Bali 34.91 USD
  Munduk Moding Plantation Nature Resort and Spa   Bali 115.41 USD
  Mushroom Beach Bungalow   Bali 41 USD
  Mushroom Garden Villas   Bali 64 USD
  Mutiara Bali Boutique Resort & Villas   Bali 50.77 USD
  Mutiara Malioboro Hotel   Yogyakarta 61.45 USD
  Mystery Hotel Bali - 3 Star Hotel just walking distance to Kuta Beach   Bali 26 USD
  Mystery Hotel Bali - 4 Star International Hotel Tanjung Benoa with private beach accross the street   Bali 61 USD
  Mystery Hotel Bali - 4 Star Villa in Canggu short drive to Canggu Club and Canggu Beach   Bali 64 USD
  Mystery Hotel Bali - 4 Star Villa in Seminyak short drive to Seminyak Beach & shopping area   Bali 70 USD
  Mystery Hotel Bali - 5 Star hotel in Kuta at beachfront   Bali 99 USD
  Mystery Hotel Bali - 5 Star International Chain Resort situated on Seminyak Beach   Bali 124 USD
  Mystery Hotel Bali - 5 Star Luxury Beachfront Resort at Nusa Dua   Bali 92 USD
  Mystery Hotel Bali - 5 Star Luxury Private Villa with tropical charm and relaxed at Seminyak   Bali 161 USD
  Mystery Hotel Bali - 5 Star Resort in Canggu closed to Echo Beach   Bali 36 USD
  Mystery Hotel Bali at Seminyak - 5 Star Boutique Hotel in Seminyak   Bali 83 USD
  Mystery Hotel Bali at Ubud - 5 Stars boutique resort preverving original Ubud   Bali 137 USD
  Mystery Hotel in Kuta - 4 stars hotel close to Kuta nightlife and shopping   Bali 34 USD
  Mystery Hotel in Lombok - 5 Stars Hotel and Resort for those seeking the tranquility of an untouched   Lombok 102 USD
  Mystery Hotel Kuta Bali - 4 Star walking distance to Kuta Beach and Shopping Mall   Bali 34 USD
  Mystery Hotel Kuta Bali 4 Star - nearby to shopping centre and Waterbom Park   Bali 45 USD
  Mystery Hotels at Tanjung Benoa - Nusa Dua - 5 Stars International Chain Luxury Resort   Bali 128 USD
  Nagoya Mansion Hotel & Residence   Batam Island 41.82 USD
  Nakula Stay Kuta   Bali 17.45 USD
  Namira Syariah Hotel   Java 31 USD
  Nandini Bali Jungle Resort & Spa Ubud   Bali 98.95 USD
  Nanuks Bungalows   Bali 42 USD
  Nathan Hotel Bali   Bali 36 USD
  Natura Resort & Spa   Bali 112.41 USD
  Natya Hotel   Bali 17.85 USD
  Naya Gawana Resort and Spa   Bali 70.44 USD
  Neo Hotel Mangga Dua   Jakarta 25.96 USD
  Neo Hotel Melawai - Jakarta   Jakarta 29.90 USD
  New Kuta Hotel a Lexington Legacy Hotel   Bali 43.17 USD
  New Metro Hotel   Java 14.47 USD
  Next Tuban Bali   Bali 10.09 USD
  Ngeluwungan Villas Pererenan Beach   Bali 56.41 USD
  Nicks Hidden Cottages   Bali 35.07 USD
  Nipuri Resort and Restaurant   Bali 26.53 USD
  Nirmala Hotel & Resort Jimbaran   Bali 43 USD
  Nirwana Beach Club   Bintan Island 68.94 USD
  Nirwana Resort Hotel   Bintan Island 81.76 USD
  Nitya Home Stay   Bali 20 USD
  Noah Villa   Bali 43.66 USD
  Nomina Villas Pecatu   Bali 307 USD
  Nongsa Point Marina & Resort   Batam Island 87.82 USD
  Novotel Bali Benoa   Bali 64.42 USD
  Novotel Bali Nusa Dua Hotel & Residences   Bali 82.90 USD
  Novotel Balikpapan   Kalimantan 43.11 USD
  Novotel Bandung   Java 27.42 USD
  Novotel Bangka Golf & Convention   Sumatra 35.25 USD
  Novotel Banjarmasin Airport Hotel   Kalimantan 38.92 USD
  Novotel Batam   Batam Island 37.21 USD
  Novotel Bogor Golf Resort and Convention Center   Java 57.12 USD
  Novotel Jakarta Gajah Mada   Jakarta 51.70 USD
  Novotel Jakarta Mangga Dua Square   Jakarta 52.07 USD
  Novotel Lampung   Sumatra 68.73 USD
  Novotel Lombok Resort & Villas   Lombok 78.33 USD
  Novotel Manado Golf Resort & Convention Center   Sulawesi 34.56 USD
  Novotel Semarang   Java 36.81 USD
  Novotel Solo   Java 30.17 USD
  Novotel Surabaya   Java 30.76 USD
  Novotel Tangerang   Java 42.09 USD
  Novotel Yogyakarta   Yogyakarta 41.78 USD
  Novus Giri Resort and Spa   Java 76.60 USD
  Nugraha Lovina Hotel   Bali 46.65 USD
  Nunia Villas Seminyak   Bali 131.37 USD
  Nusa Dua Beach Hotel And Spa   Bali 174 USD
  Nusa Villa and Restaurant   Bali 124 USD
  NusaBay by WHM   Bali 81.54 USD
  Nusantara Dive Centre Resort Manado   Sulawesi 41.78 USD
  Nyaman Villas   Bali 0.00 USD
  Nyland Pasteur Hotel   Java 21.42 USD
  Nyuh Bali Villas   Bali 137.19 USD
  O villas   Bali 103.72 USD
  Oak Tree Emerald Semarang Hotel   Java 22.96 USD
  Oak Tree Urban   Jakarta 63.70 USD
  Oakwood Premier Cozmo Jakarta   Jakarta 141.00 USD
  Ocean Blue Hotel Bali   Bali 180.88 USD
  Oceano Jambuluwuk Resort   Lombok 40 USD
  Ohana Hotel Kuta   Bali 26.85 USD
  Omah Sinten   Java 45 USD
  Ommaya Hotel & Resort   Java 25 USD
  One Eleven   Bali 408.63 USD
  Onje Villa   Bali 0.00 USD
  Orchardz Hotel Gajahmada   Kalimantan  
  Oria Hotel - formerly Luxe Hotel   Jakarta 50.01 USD
  Ossotel   Bali 70.83 USD
  Ozz Hotel   Bali 30.39 USD
  Ozzy Cottage & Bungalow   Lombok 34 USD

P to R

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Paditeras Boutique Hotel   Bali 88.85 USD
  Padjadjaran Suites Business & Conference Hotel   Java 0.00 USD
  Padma Hotel Bandung   Java 95.20 USD
  Padma Kumala Resort   Bali 57.18 USD
  Padma Resort Legian   Bali 162.50 USD
  Palace Hotel Cipanas   Java 44.43 USD
  Palloma Hotel Kuta   Bali 14.44 USD
  Palm Beach Hotel Kuta - Bali   Bali 32.20 USD
  Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort   Bali 104.42 USD
  Pandana Boutique Hotel   Bali 33 USD
  Pandawa All Suite Hotel   Bali 39.67 USD
  Pandawa Beach Villa   Bali 109.16 USD
  Panorama Regency Hotel   Batam Island  
  Pantai South Lombok Villas   Lombok 29 USD
  Paradise Loft Villas   Bali 74.88 USD
  Paragon Suites and Resort   Bali 39.22 USD
  Parigata Resort & Spa   Bali 70.13 USD
  Parigata Spa Villas   Bali 103.13 USD
  Parigata Villas Resorts   Bali 136.13 USD
  Park Regis Kuta   Bali 31.34 USD
  Patra Jasa Bali Resort & Villas   Bali 75.10 USD
  Pearl Hotel Bali   Bali 55.85 USD
  Pecatu Guest House   Bali 11.11 USD
  Pelangi Bali Hotel & Spa   Bali 75.86 USD
  Peppers Sentosa - Seminyak   Bali 278.30 USD
  Pertiwi Bisma 1