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The Best of Indonesia: An Overview


Indonesia has so much to offer, not only in terms of out-and-out fun, but also in culture and traditions. Gourmet dining is also a splendid attraction and an organised tour will take the effort out of getting to know the island. Be sure to check out some of the selections of Bali adventures and tours below.

Of course your accommodation is of paramount importance so choosing the best hotel that fits your needs and tastes is the foundation of a memorable holiday. Choose from simple accommodation to the more luxurious resorts. Following are some of the best facets that Bali has to offer.

Top 10 Hotels in Indonesia

From Nusa Dua’s magnificent beaches to Yogyakarta, the Javanese art and cultural centre, to the historic town of Bandung, the riches of Indonesian archipelago await your discovery. And when it comes to finding a place to stay to experience the best of it all, the sky is the limit. But no worries, as the selection of Top 10 Hotels in Indonesia below will help get you started on your journey. Read More...

Top 10 Hotels in Jakarta

As Indonesia’s bustling urban centre, Jakarta is never short of accommodation choices. The task of choosing where to stay can be daunting, particularly for first timers to the city. But worry not. With this selection of Top 10 Hotels in Jakarta, you are starting off on the right foot. Stay at any one of these hotels and enjoy the best of your time in Indonesia’s pulsating capital. Read More...

Best Hotels in Bali Top 10 Best Hotels in Bali

The Winners!
With so many amazing hotels to choose from, the question is always the same: where should you stay to enjoy the best the island has to offer? This Top 10 list should come in handy. Read More...

Top 10 Things to Do in Indonesia

A wonderfully fullfilling destination, Indonesia is a land of contrasts, a land where the spiritual manifests itself through magnificent temples and artwork. Mother Nature is not to be outdone with dramatic landscapes, active volcanoes and picture-perfect postcards. Indonesia's fauna is exotic to say the very least, with huge lizards, orangutans and various tropical fish. Read More...


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