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Jakarta is often referred to as 'The Big Durian' - the popular but rather pungent Asian fruit, banned from hotels and airplanes, but nonetheless unexpectedly tasty. This Indonesia's capital city also holds claim to be the most heavily populated city in Southeast Asia.

Jakarta is best described as a mixture of Bangkok and New Delhi. The city has a decidedly cosmopolitan air, woven together by a tapestry of cultures and the predominant religion is Islam. The city has a large expatriate community that contributes to the global feel of the place. Jakarta is an overwhelming experience, with something of a 'Marmite effect' - you either love it or hate it.

Jakarta Hotel Recommendation

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Millennium Hotel Sirih
West Jakarta
Millennium Hotel Sirih
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  Hotel Mulia Senayan Jakarta
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Jakarta Hotels

The Jakarta metropolis is one of the major business hubs in Southeast Asia and finding accommodation to suit your requirements, from world-class hotel brands to unique boutique options, is easy. Read More...

Jakarta Attractions

Steeped in a rich cultural history, the former Dutch colony has enough interesting architecture and cultural relics to keep visitors occupied for a week, alongside various other modern options. Read More...

Jakarta Restaurants

Jakarta’s eateries are as diverse as the many cultures and nationalities living in the sprawling metropolis. As with any major Asian city, the food and dining options go right across the board. Read More...

Jakarta Nightlife

There is no shortage of nightlife and entertainment in Jakarta. The city’s five-star hotels feature upscale nightclubs and wine bars, with live music and drinks.

Jakarta Shopping

Downtown Jakarta is a dense warren of bars, clubs, stalls, restaurants, offices and of course, shops. Find from unique handicrafts to haute couture labels and the latest in gadgets. Read More...

Jakarta Activities

There is no shortage of fun-filled activities to awaken your senses and spend your time when in Jakarta, regardless of age or gender. The beauty of this city is that it offers the best of both worlds. Read More...

Jakarta Information

Getting to Jakarta is easy. But once there, getting used to the chaotic pace of life and packed streets is not so easy. Here's some information to help smoothen your trip. Read More...

Jakarta Map

Our interactive map (and satellite views) displays all available hotels, facilities, attractions, landmarks and items of interest with links to relevant pages. The perfect way to find your way around. Read More...


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