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    Information about Jakarta

    Getting to Jakarta is easily done. But once there, getting used to the chaotic pace of life and packed streets is not so easy. We have compiled some information to help ensure your trip runs as smoothly as possible. Our fast facts seek to fill in the gaps between what to see and do, with small details that otherwise might go unnoticed.

    In recent years the world has become a much smaller place, with global travel becoming part and parcel of many people’s lives. It is important to understand the cultural differences you may be confronted with in order to maintain a level respect.

    Read on to learn when religious and cultural holidays occur, important numbers and climate factors that could influence the course of your holiday. 

Getting Around

Trains and taxis are preferable modes of transports when trying to get from A to B in Jakarta. Buses are irregular and not comfortable by western standards. The major bus terminals are located outside the city centre and often take longer to reach than the desired destination. The four major bus terminal are situated in, Kalideres, Kampung Rambutan, Pulo Gadung and Lebak Bulus.

The four major train stations are quite centrally located. The most convenient is Gambir, situated on the eastern side of Merdeka Square, the quickest way of leaving the city and accessing destinations including Yogykarta, Solo, Surabaya and Kota. Express train tickets can be bought in advance at the booking offices at the northern end of Gambir train station.

For moving around Jakarta we recommend taxis. Make sure you tell the driver to put the 'argo' (meter) on; some drivers can be a bit over cocky but that is to be expected in most major cities. The ubiquitous Blue Bird taxis have the best reputation. +62-21-7981001, 24 hours a day. 



Jakarta lies on the northwestern coast of Java, from latitude 6' to 7' south and 107' to 108' east. In terms of size, Jakarta covers a land area of 650sqkm, constituting 0.03 % of Indonesia's total land area. It has a population of over nine million.The average temperature in Jakarta is between 25 to 38 degrees. Hot and humid, the best clothes to wear are light cottons and linens and sandals.

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