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Where to Shop in Jakarta

Downtown Jakarta is a dense warren of bars, clubs, stalls, restaurants, offices and of course, shops. From unique handicrafts to haute couture labels and the latest in technology, Jakarta has something for everyone. As eclectic as the produce is, so are the shopping environments in which to find it.

Like any capital city, world-class mega-malls, stacked with international brands, sit at the top end of the scale. Beyond the air conditioned walls of the contained shopping centres, downtown Jakarta (the old neighborhoods around the South of the city) has an abundance of stores selling various products, including batiks, silks and unique handicrafts.

The ‘Pasars’ (markets) are jam packed with interesting finds, meaning a lot of patience is required along with good bartering skills. The usual procedure is to start off with a counter offer of 40% of the asking price and settle at 50%-60% of the original asking price. 


Glodok Plaza (Chinatown)

After the bloody massacre of 1740, the Chinese community was confined to ghettos in an area outside the city walls now known as Glodok. Glodok Plaza is a cluster of indoor markets selling various technical goods and it's best described as a technology bazaar.

Address: Jl. Pinangsia Raya


Plaza Indonesia

Overlooking the Welcome Monument, Plaza Indonesia is situated in the heart of Jakarta. This mall is jam packed with opulent products and flagship names such as Armani, Versace and Gucci. 

Opening Hours: 10:00-21:00 daily.
Address: Jalan M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30, Jakarta Pusat 10350 Indonesia

Plaza Senayan

Based in Jakarta's financial district and adjacent to Senayan Sports Complex, this mall features Metro and Sogo Department Stores. It also offers the seven-cinema Studio 21 Cineplex.

Opening Hours: 10:00-21:00 daily.
Address: 8 Jalan Asia Afrikaz, PT Senayan Trikarya Sempama, Jakarta Pusat 10270 Indonesia

Senayan City

This is the newest recruit on the shopping mall circuit in Jakarta; built over an area of 48,000sqm it is vast in size with an equally impressive array of products.

Address: 19 Asia Africa, Street, Gelora Village, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta City 10270

Batik Keris

Batik Keris has a large showroom at Jalan Cokroaminoto in Menteng and a shop in Plaza Indonesia. A small chain of stores which sell, amongst other things, batik.

Batik Semar

Batik Semar is one of Indonesia's most accomplished manufacturers of batik, established in 1947. These exquisite pieces are some of the best on the market. They have stores in Plaza Indonesia, Blok M Plaza and the International Airport.

Iwan Tirta

Iwan Tirta produces exclusive Batik Tulis (Hand-Painted Batik) and can proudly claim to be one of Jakarta’s most famous and popular batik designers. Situated on the first floor of Pacific Place Mall, Jakarta Selatan and Menteng.

Jalan Kebon Sirih Timur

Just one street away from Jalan Jaksa, this is a popular spot for antique collectors and connoisseurs. The street runs for about 200 metres and is packed with porcelain, batiks, ceramics, teak furniture and antiques. Here, you will find Djody Antiques, one of the biggest and most reputable dealers in the area. All these products are testament to Indonesia's rich cultural legacy and buyers should bargain hard. 

Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00
Address: Jalan Kebon Sirih Timur, Jakarta Pusat 10340 Indonesia

Jalan Surabaya

Situated in Menteng, this is a colourful, open-air antiques market half a kilometre in length. Popular with tourists, locals and antique hunters for its unique atmosphere and wide range of produce, it is considered something of a must-visit when in Jakarta.

Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00 daily.
Address: Jalan Surabaya, Jakarta Pusat 10310 Indonesia

Pasar Seni

At this arts and handicraft market, you can watch Indonesian artists creating their labours of love. Both traditional and modern art and crafts are on display, and available for purchase. Hundreds of artists from all over the country gather here to exhibit and sell their work and it's a great place to get your portrait done as a reminder of your time in Jakarta.

Address: Taman Ria Ancol, Jakarta Utara 14430 Indonesia

Gallery Fifty-Nine

Address: Jalan Ciputat Raya No.22, Jakarta Selatan, 15412

Jl. Ciputat Raya

The West of Java is home to Jakarta’s Antique Strip; a part of the city that boomed during the 1980’s and established itself as something of an antiques hub in Asia. The street divides Tangerang and South Jakarta, and is usually frequented for its antiques and teakwood furniture. Even if you are not in search of a specific item this is still a vibrant area and can be enjoyed without putting your hand in your pocket.

Address: Jl.Ciputat Raya - Pondok Pinang

Pasa Rawabening

Address: Jalan Bekasi Barat Raya, Jatinegara, Jakarta Timur 13350

Surabaya Street

President Clinton is said to have bought a bronze frog on this ‘Street of Dreams’. Situated in Central Jakarta, the half-mile strip is cluttered with cubby holes and is the place to head if you are in search for tribal masks, silver cigarette cases, worry beads, grandfather clocks, ivory miniatures, sextants, samurai swords, xylophones and even telephone switchboards. As you would expect, merely visiting the street is an experience in itself. Essentially it is Indonesia’s best and biggest Flea Market.

Opening Hours: 09:00-18:00
Address: Surabaya Street, Central Jakarta

Pasar Cikini

This is the place to head for knick-knacks, daily necessities, flowers, clothes and fashion accessories. The area is regarded as one of the most exotic spots to purchase Indonesian gold jewelry; bangles, rings, necklaces and pendants and other gold crafts. Immortalised in song, this market has the most extensive variety of goods in Central Jakarta.

Address: Cikini Traditional Market), Jalan Cikini Raya Cikini, Jakarta 10330

Pasar Mayestik

Renowned for offering alternatives to conventional foodstuffs and outfits, this is the sort of place where production and distribution occur at the same place, something of a rarity in modern society. A fantastic place to pick up quality fabrics, we strongly recommend getting something made to measure that will be unique only to you. Another interesting feature is the buying produce for your own cookies. Yes that’s right, visitors can indulge in some culinary wizardry and pick up unusual molding trays, recipe and ingredients from the pasar, and you can even sample one before deciding which type to make. Delicious.

Address: Pasar Mayestik, Kyai Maja Street, Gunung Village, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta City 12120

Pasar Tanah Abang

Spread out over 19 floors, this wholesale market is vast in both size and content. A whole raft of goods can be bought in bulk, including men's and women's fashions, accessories, furniture, handicrafts and food. Not the most attractive of places, Pasar Tanah Abang is worth visiting if you have things specifically in mind that you want to buy. Expect crowds and a lot of noise; essentially a heady trading environment. 

Address: Block A

Pasar Ular Permai

Pasar Ular Permai is located on Jalan Yos Sudarso in North Jakarta. Don't let the name deceive you. Pasar Ular would easily mean ‘snake market’ in the local tongue. Yet this market derived its curious name from the physical layout. Pasar Ular Permai is actually a fusion of many small stalls that each have their own wares to offer. Some items are export quality, and all comes down to bargaining skills for the great purchase.

Inside you will easily find curios, clothing, jeans, cheap shoes, belts, watches, perfume, slippers, bags, ceramic urns and kitchen utensils – all at a great bargain. There are actually two different locations that have come to be known by the name 'Pasar Ular'. The first, older complex is located in North Jakarta's Pelumpang area, while the second newer one is nearby, in North Jakarta's Permai area, hence its better known name.

Location: North Jakarta
Price Range: Bargain!
How to get there: Only 10 minutes north from Kelapa Gading and 5 minutes south from the Tanjung Priok harbour.

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