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Kalimantan, one of Indonesia’s least visited islands, remains largely undiscovered. Its interiors consist of deep, dense tropical jungles, expansive wetlands, mangroves and rivers, and occupy two-thirds of Borneo, while the rest belongs to East Malaysia and Brunei.

Rich with natural resources, namely oil, natural gas, coal and timber, Kalimantan plays a major role in the development of Indonesia’s economy. Its jungle heartlands and hilly regions provide ideal challenges for mountaineers and trekking enthusiasts. Samarinda and Balikpanpan in East Kalimantan are two major tourist and industrial cities. A handful of national parks, swamps and natural reserves occupy a vast area of West and Central Kalimantan, while South Kalimantan is home to the Kinabatangan River, country’s longest (6,000km), numerous floating markets and forest conservations.

Kalimantan Hotels

Hotels in Kalimantan are found in major industrial centres like Samarinda and Balikpanpan in East Kalimantan as well as Pontianak in West Kalimantan. Catering mostly to business travellers, these hotels are well-equipped with modern facilities and usually afford scenic views of the ocean, city or surrounding nature. Read More...

Balikpapan Balikpapan

Lots of interesting attractions await people touring this destination. Of Balikpapan’s highlights, its stunning beaches such as Melwai Beach, Kemala Beach and Manggar Segarsari Beach deserve a special mention. Read More...

Manokwari Banjarmasin

Banjarmasin is a majestic tourist destination lying on a delta of the Barito River. The capital as well as the prime trade and commercial centre of South Kalimantan Province, Banjarmasin occupies an area of about 75sqkm Read More...


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