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Where to Eat in Lombok Island

For those who prefer fine-dining options and a good variety of choice on the menu, for the most part Lombok's hotels still provide the safest bet when it comes to getting a quality meal. Away from the hotels there are numerous restaurants peppered around the island where you can savour traditional Indonesian fare, without breaking the bank.

Oriental and Mediterranean accents are also easily found, at the beach restaurants along Senggigi but where the island really excels is in its production of freshly-caught sea food. Just-caught grilled fish and meats are prepared down on beach BBQs, succulent and seasoned, this is mouth-watering stuff.  

Alang Alang Restaurant

If you are looking for a venue to assist a romantic evening out, then Alang Alang will do the trick. The boutique beach hotel has an ocean-side restaurant serving fresh seafood with Indonesian accents and western flair. The elegant setting and cool sea breeze will surely make for a memorable evening.

Address: Jalan Transmigrasi, Mataram
Price Range: Pricey



This restaurant has a wide selection and everything from salads, seafood, steaks, pizzas and pasta, desserts and Indonesian specialties is available. Situated in close proximity to Senggigis's famous art market, the venue's location is enhanced by a stunning view of the adjoining beach and the al fresco dining area where sweeping palm trees provide welcome shade.  Featuring an ethnic Indonesian interior, the Asmara has long been a favourite with families due to its welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. Guests can also check out the extensive selection of books available to lend and an impressive and colourful art collection.

Address: Jalan Raya Senggigi
Price Range: Expensive

Basilico Italian Pavilion & Bar

This beachside restaurant is part of the Senggigi Beach Hotel. Serving Italian dishes and fresh seafood, it is a safe bet for those seeking great food and service in exceptional surroundings.

Address: Jl. Pantai Senggigi
Price Range: Pricey

Cafe Alberto

The best place on the island to head for authentic Italian fare, the pizzas here are popular. The restaurant also offers seafood dishes, Japanese food and traditional steaks. Weekends usually see the addition of a live band; people often mention that the ambience and beach setting of this restaurant is the reason behind so many of its returning visitors. Café Alberto offers a free pick-up service within the Senggigi area.

Address: Jl. Raya Senggigi
Price Range: Affordable

De Quake Restaurant

Located in Senggigi's Art Market, De Quake has an art theme with an up-scale interior and a fusion menu. Enjoying a beachfront location, try a sunset cocktail here. The Feta Cheese Hamburger and De Quake Favourite come highly recommended.

Address: Art Market, Senggigi, Lombok
Price Range: Pricey

Dua Em

For authentic Lombak dishes, Dua Em is a good choice, with its slow-cooked Indonesian delights, wrapped-in juices and served to perfection. Cost effective with a charming interior that consists of low bamboo tables and cushions on the floors; be sure to try the Ayam Taliwag, a chicken dish.

Address: Jalan Transmigrasi, Mataram
Price Range: Affordable

Gara Gara Cafe

Popular with tourists, this small and friendly café serves traditional Indonesian fare and some token western dishes. Situated outside the gates of the Senggigi Beach Hotel, it is a good spot to watch locals and tourists pass by. Be sure to try the Ayam Szechuan chicken with red chilli, ginger, paprika and vinegar.

Address: Senggigi Plaza A3 A2, Senggigi Beach, Lombok
Price Range: Affordable

Naga Restaurant

The best oriental food in Lombok. Sample flavours from around the Orient including Thai, and Chinese dishes. Seafood is also available in this relaxed and atmospheric restaurant.

Address: The Graha Senggigi Hotel
Price Range: Affordable


This is a two-storey restaurant with Indonesian decor. It specialises in seafood at a reasonable price. The restaurant is located on the busiest street in Senggigi and offers pick-up and transportation back to your hotel (within the area of course). Taman (meaning garden), imports its meat from New Zealand and Australia and has a number of authentically prepared Indian curries on the menu. For those who don’t feel like leaving their accommodation, home delivery is also an option.

Address: Jl. Raya Senggigi, Senggigi, Lombok
Price Range: Affordable

Ye Jeon

The only Korean restaurant on the island; reasonably priced dishes in a nice ambience make it a popular choice for those looking for an alternative to more traditional Lombok restaurants. Be sure to try the bibimap and full spread of banchan appetizers.

Address: Jl Raya Senggigi Pert Senggigi Square
Price Range: Pricey

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