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Papua occupies the western half of New Guinea, the world’s second-largest island, and remains one of the ‘wildest’ places on the planet. Scarcely populated, the island is covered in dense, impenetrable rainforests, snowcapped mountain peaks, crisscrossing rivers passing through valleys and wetlands.

More than 240 tribes still inhabit the island, themselves as intriguing as the island’s natural scenery. Donning close to nothing, they are often portrayed in their bare skin, with minimum covering except on their heads, faces and around their private parts. Papua’s jungle heartlands boast a rich biodiversity, but trekking through them is more like a well-planned expedition than a leisurely activity.

Most travellers head for its coastal capital Jayapura for its picturesque beaches and Lake Sentani as well as Baliem Valley to visit the Dani tribesmen, and the outlying smaller islands in its northwest to explore some of the world’s most stunning islandscapes and dive sites.

Papua Hotels

Jayapura has a small selection of international hotels that cater to business and leisure travellers, in addition to a handful of independently run hotels. Major tourist attractions, such a Wamena (Balien Valley), Manokwari and Biak, also have a limited but fine range of resorts with good facilities and ambience. Read More...

Manokwari Manokwari

Manokwari is located on the top of the Bird's Head Peninsula in Papua Province (Papua Barat), also known as the West Irian or West New Guinea. The city, which is situated in Cenderawasih Bay close to the north-eastern corner of Vogelkop, extends around Doreri Bay. Read More...


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