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What to Buy and Where to Shop in Indonesia

The extensive shopping opportunities in Indonesia are a good reason in itself to visit. Whether you are looking for furniture, fashion, antiques, art or jewellery, the archipelago is renowned for producing exquisitely crafted goods, many of which can be bought straight from the craftsman.  

The island of Java is a good shopping base. Jakarta in particular has an array of mega, air-conditioned malls; jam packed with every international brand known to man. The world's fashion capitals are well condensed into upscale shopping malls, compact with sharp Italian tailoring, romantic French ensembles and innovational Japanese labels.

It is easy to get sidetracked by these shops but it would be a serious mistake not to become acquainted with some of the homegrown produce of Indonesia. Highly-skilled artisans produce painstakingly beautiful textiles, silver goods, dynamic ceramics and furniture pieces that are unique in style and of an admirable standard of quality. Perfect presents for loved ones or a well deserved treat for yourself. Shopping hours usually fall between 09:00-21:00. 

Jakarta Shopping

Downtown Jakarta is a dense warren of bars, clubs, stalls, restaurants, offices and of course, shops. Find from unique handicrafts to haute couture labels and the latest in gadgets. Read More...


Bali is a shopping haven, with irresistable bargains at street markets, and choices of boutiques and department stores. International designer labels, handicrafts, surf brands and electronics are just around the corner. Read More...

Lombok Island Shopping

Lombok’s shopping potential defies the mass-produced stream of products associated with modern consumer culture. Pottery, weavings  and textiles are the main crafts produced here. Read More...

Bintan Island Shopping

There may be no sprawling shopping malls on Bintan Island that offer miles upon miles of retail therapy under one roof, but you can get pretty unique souvenirs and some really neat bargains here. Read More...

Batam Island Shopping

It is no secret that the layout and design of Batam seeks to imitate neighboring Singapore and that the island wishes to become the next international trading hub in Southeast Asia. Read More...

Yogyakarta Shopping

Yogyakarta is known as the best place to shop for Indonesian items. Shoppers will also find Bali or Asmat souvenirs though they will usually get a better deal here than on those two islands. Read More...

Indonesia Shopping Items - What to Buy

Indonesia offers plenty of shopping opportunities. Most of the goods available here are cheaper than anywhere else; Asian shopaholics are known to travel here every year for a spot of retail therapy. Bali is the best place to go for local arts and crafts, while bigger cities such as Jakarta and Yogyakarta are better known amongst seekers of mainstream and luxury brands. Read More...


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