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The translation of Bandar Lampung is Lampung City. The name is appropriate since this city is the capital of Lampung Province in South Sumatra. Bandar Lampung originated from two major cities: Teluk Betung (a port and trading area by the shorefront) and Tanjung Karang (an administrative centre located in the hills behind the shore). The cities were united and renamed as Bandar Lampung in 1983, but locals—especially bus drivers and conductors—still often call the places by their original names.

Bandar Lampung is home not only to a population of more than 700,000 people, but also home of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tanjung Karang. Those who are travelling from Java consider the city as the entry point to Sumatra, especially prior to the construction of the harbour in Bakauheni. However, people can also arrive at Bandar Lampung by plane, as the city is served by Radin Inten II Airport. This airport deals in domestic flights to and from Jakarta.

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Bandar Lampung Attractions

The Krakatau Monument is the main (and most famous) attraction in Bandar Lampung, and was named after the volcano. The Krakatau Volcano is located in the Sunda Strait, between the islands of Java and Sumatra. In August 1883, the volcano erupted and caused a tsunami that significantly affected Teluk Lampung and Teluk Betung. This resulted in the death of more than 40,000 people. The monument, which serves as a memorial to those who perished in the natural disaster, consists of a large steel maritime buoy that was washed out of Teluk Lampung during the tidal wave.

The Lampung Provincial Museum is also considered as one of Bandar Lampung's attractions. It is located in Teuku Umar, about five kilometres north of central Tanjung Karang. Aside from ethnographic pieces and archaeological finds, the museum collection also includes Chinese ceramics, ancient tapis cloth and ornaments, as well as traditional musical instruments. It is open from 09:00 to 16:30 daily, and is closed Mondays.

Bandar Lampung Restaurants & Dining

Those who have visited this Indonesia city often recommend hotel restaurants as some of the best dining destinations. For instance, there are those who have stayed in the Marco Polo Hotel and raved about its restaurant. Dishes such as the Madura soup and satay were praised, especially because they were reasonably priced. If the good food is not enough, the view of the city from one of the restaurant's sections seals the deal. Meanwhile, guests who have stayed at Bukit Randu Hotel also rave about the hotel's food, including the Cajun chicken.

However, there are also excellent dining establishments which are not found in hotels. Those craving mouth-watering sour vegetable soup (better known as sayur asam) should visit Pondok Santap Dwipa Raya in JI Gatot Subroto. People who enjoy steaks and grilled meat should drop by Pondok Iviet Grill and Barbecue, which is known as a meat-lover's destination. Other must-visit restaurants include Begadang I, Sari Bundo, and European Bakery and Restaurant.

Bandar Lampung Nightlife

The night entertainment options in Bandar Lampung are limited, and the limitation is attributed to the local population's diverse cultures (Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim). The lack of Western influence is also seen as a contributor to the limited nightlife opportunities. Nonetheless, it is important to note that nightlife opportunities in Bandar Lampung are merely limited, not completely absent. Nightlife in this city may not be as lively and colourful as in bigger cities, but that does not mean it is not enjoyable.

Nightlife in Bandar Lampung is mostly concentrated in bars and pubs found in hotels. Hotels known for evening entertainment include The Sheraton Lampung Hotel and Marco Polo Hotel. Recently, karaoke had also become a major night-time activity, resulting in many KTV bars in the area. Popular KTV establishments include Bukit Randu Karaoke, Millennium 2000, Hollywood, Dwipa, Gemini and Imperium. Meanwhile, people who love to dance can go to clubs such as Intan Dang Dut, New Swiss Pub Discotheque and Meteor.

Bandar Lampung Shopping

Bandar Lampung is not exactly a shopper's paradise, but it’s a good place to stock up on essentials and souvenirs. Like all cities, Bandar Lampung has shopping centres, department stores and supermarkets; most of the time, these commercial areas are connected to one another. One of the newer shopping spots in the city is the Tanjung Karang Plaza, which features a department store, supermarket, fast food places and plenty of small shops. The King's Department Stores also have supermarkets attached to them; these supermarkets even sell souvenirs such as songket purses.

Of course, there are also the traditional markets. Pasar Bawah, which is found in the top end of Jalan Raden Intan, consists of a host of stalls that sell produce as well as household items. The Bundo Kanding Plaza is also a traditional market, but it is now contained in a concrete structure. The plaza is where one can find toys, clothing, makeup and bags.

Bandar Lampung is known for woven items such as kain tapis, a ceremonial cloth with gold embroidery. It’s a good souvenir, and can be purchased in the Mulya Sari Artshop in JI Thamrin.

Bandar Lampung Activities

In the Bandar Lampung's Way Kambas Elephant Training Centre visitors are kept busy. From the name of the place alone, anyone can guess that some activities involve pachyderms. The centre was established in 1985, and has since trained almost 300 elephants to do tasks such as transporting wood and ploughing and here tourists can watch elephants play football and those who want to get closer to the gentle giants can ride an elephant around the area or go on an elephant safari.

Elephants may be the star attraction in the centre, but there are also other activities. The centre is situated within the Way Kambas National Park, a lowland forest ecosystem that features freshwater swamp forests and desert shrubs. Hence, visitors can also bird watch and do some jungle trekking.

Bandar Lampung Information

The efficient public transport system of Bandar Lampung makes getting to and from the city easy. People can catch a bus at the two city bus terminals: Rajabasa and Panjang. Rajabasa, which is about 10km north of town, serves long-distance trips; Panjang, which is six kilometres southeast of town, serves local and provincial trips. There are also buses which head out to the Bakauheni pier, where there are boats travelling to Java. Tourists can also travel by train. A rail service connects Bandar Lampung to Palembang (10 hours) and then to Lubuklinggau (14 hours). Getting to Bandar Lampung by plane is also possible. The airport, which is 24km north of the city, has daily flights to Jakarta through Merpati, Sriwijaya, Adam Air and Riau Air. When it comes to getting around the city, taxis are quite reliable.

The best time to visit Bandar Lampung is from July to September. July is the recommended month, as this is the time of the Krakatua Festival.

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