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Where to Eat in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta cuisine is known for its sweetness. Today, as more people move to Yogyakarta, the city is filled with a greater variety of flavours and dishes and is packed with many trendy cafés and restaurants, serving all kinds of food including Western, Asian, and Asian-fusion cuisines.

Like many major cities in Asia, Yogyakarta offers hundreds of stalls selling inexpensive food. They are located throughout the city, though the food stalls mostly set up after dark and only serve local snacks and food. Also, food stalls at major spots in the city stay open until the early morning. All are delicious – explore for yourself.

Dixie Easy Dining

With a nice modern interior, this restaurant has over 200 covers. It serves standard western and Asian dishes such as noodles, pasta, steak, and rice. The restaurant is also popular for its desserts and fresh fruit juices such as banana blue, strawberry blend, mango berry, and more. Prices are reasonable.

Address: Jalan Gejayan, No. 40 B
Tel: +62 274 560745
Price Range: Affordable


EasyGoin' Restaurant & Cafe

EasyGoin' Restaurant & Cafe

Modern and colourfully designed, this new dining venue is located in the Prawirotaman area in southern Yogyakarta. EasyGoin' Restaurant & Cafe provides a wide range of main menu items ranging from Indonesian-wide specialities, the likes of Ayam Rica-Rica from Manado or Kare Padang from the island of Sumatra, to Western favourites such as beef steaks and fish n' chips as well as spaghetti and pasta. Some Mexican dishes can also be found on the varied menu.

For appetizers, side dishes and desserts, choose from guacamole, spring rolls to bakso noodle soups, and a choice of salads, sandwiches, pancakes, fritters and ice cream.

EasyGoIn’ provides comfortable seating in a warm atmosphere. The friendly staff are always up for a chat to easygoing guests. For visitors, it’s also a great place to meet locals and travellers alike or simply to go for a happy-hour drink at the bar.

Opening Hours: 08:00 - late
Address: Jl. Prawirotaman 12, Yogyakarta
Tel: +62 (0)274 384 092
Cuisine: Indonesian, Western
Price Range: Affordable

Food Stalls

Numerous food stalls serve rice with many kinds of food such as shredded chicken, boiled egg, curries, gudeg, areh sauce, and hot and spicy sambal goreng.

Some stalls sell iced desserts and fruit shakes. Take a look around; all local dishes are worth trying. 

Location: Various locations. Popular spots are at Angkringan Tugu, close to Tugu Station, Dudge Tugu, close to the Kranggan marketplace and also along Malioboro Street
Price Range: Budget

Gabah Resto

Situated in a quiet location, Gabah Resto is a house-style restaurant serving European steaks and wines.

A wonderfully warm and cozy atmosphere is accompanied by jazzy tunes, making it a perfect spot for those who seek a romantic dining experience in Yogyakarta.  

Address: Jalan Dewi Sartika, No. 11A Sagan
Tel: +62 274 515626
Price Range: Pricey

Gajah Wong

This restaurant is divided into three zones: country, Javanese, and Colonial, each beautifully decorated and themed with live bands such as Javanese gamelan music and jazz in the Colonial zone. Gajah Wong offers an eclectic world menu that includes Indonesian, Indian, Chinese, Italian, and French food. Please call to reserve during the weekends or on public holidays, as the place is very popular amongst locals and tourists.

Address: Jalan Gejayan, Condongcatur
Tel: +62 274 599294
Price Range: Pricey

Kesuma Restaurant

Javanese heritage limasan architectural features, lush gardens and koi ponds, and cosy gazebos are the physical appeal at Kesuma Restaurant in Yogyakarta.

Inside the unique wooden structures, the owners, an Indonesian and French couple share with you their passion for culture and traditions of the Yogyakarta region located nearby the Kraton sultanate palace.

The culinary appeals come in the form of à la carte or daily menu item suggestions, fresh seafood catch of the day, and exclusive Javanese cuisine at local prices.

Varieties range from bergedel, bakwan and lumpia for starters, to mains such as the restaurant's signature Ayam Kesuma or whole leg chicken roasted with ginger, red long chili, cashew nuts and sliced pineapple.

Fresh seafood selections such as Seafood Nasi Goreng and Tongkol Bumbu Bali also color the menu, as well as 'sweet suggestions' such as Kolak Es Krim ala Kesuma, the restaurant's signature twist on the national dessert of coconut milk cooked bananas, but served with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.

A selection of black and ginger teas, hot brews from Toraja coffee beans, as well as mocktails highlight the beverage list. 

Opening Hours: Mon - Sat 18:00 – 23:00
Location: Gang Sartono, Jalan Parangtritis (opposite Prawirotaman market), Yogyakarta
Tel: +62 (0)274 824 5027
Cuisine: Indonesian, Asian
Price Range: Affordable

Seven Resto

Located in the city centre, Seven Resto has many delicious eastern and western dishes including tom yum soup, dim sums, Singapore-style crab, and steak. The restaurant is also equipped with a private dining room for small parties, a meeting room, a giant screen for karaoke and WiFi internet access.

Address: Jalan C. Simanjutak No. 64
Tel: +62 274 581163
Price Range: Pricey

Via Via

This restaurant serves local cuisine, including delightful vegetarian and western dishes. It is well known amongst westerner travellers.

The stylish Via Via is set in a good atmosphere and also has a terraced seating area. Staff members are very friendly and the service is excellent. Also, the restaurant provides a lot of useful information for tourists. 

Address: Jalan Prawirotaman, No. 30
Tel: +62 274 386557
Price Range: Affordable

Warung Opera

Excellent Indonesia dishes. Although Warung Opera has a small menu, everything is delicious. If you can’t decide what to order, try Mie Goreng, Nasi Pecal, and Nasi Campur. The owner is very friendly and it’s a good place to have a beer in the evening.

Location: Jalan Parangtritis, approximately six km to south of the city centre
Tel: +62 274 181977
Price Range: Affordable

Xtra Hot

A local restaurant serving delicious grilled food with various kinds of sambal (a kind of chili relish). Like its name suggested, the food is rather spicy and hot.

Location: Jalan Kaliurang, close to BCA Bank
Price Range: Budget

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